Request to all readers and freedom lovers for Thursday- Hear Top Attorney on Challenging Obamacare and Saving Private Property Rights!

PacificLegaFoundationWould you please forward this to all of your contacts today within 50 miles of Ventura County?

Reminder: Pacific Legal Foundation Rock Star Paul Beard Speaks 10/3 on SCOTUS Property Rights Win and Obamacare Challenge!


Event Announcement- Please Forward Presented by Ventura County’s Newest News Publication – Citizens Protecting Landowners’ Property Rights … and Challenge to Obamacare Paul Beard II, mind  Principal Attorney, order  Pacific Legal Foundation Editor’s note: Mr. Beard has become a heavyweight legal rock star- you don’t want to miss this event. He has also agreed to comment on his […]
Thursday, October 3,  7 PM- Living Oaks Church, Newbury Park


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