Research and Personal Observation About Illegal Immigration Policy



By Dr. Kevin McNamee

Social media and television experts continue the debate about illegal immigrants, DACA  and amnesty. In 2006, the discussion surrounded the positive or negative impact illegal immigration has on the US economy. Today’s debate revolves about the emotional issue of the children brought to the United States by their parents entering and living here illegally. 

My experience with the illegal immigrants I have known are family oriented lot who are grateful to be here in a country with opportunity for those who wish to work hard. They do not like debt and are a cash and carry group. They do not like US values which means too much emphasis on money.  We work too much and should spend more time with important things in life like ones family. 

Insights into the nation’s illegal immigration debate have accumulated from RAND sociological studies about its impact in California and Los Angles; my work volunteering one evening a month treating and speaking with the illegal immigrants in the Conejo Valley; and volunteering to install solar panels on homes of low cost housing in Oxnard which were occupied by illegal immigrants.

My observations are based on my communication with the people who entered this country illegally and use services that cost more than what they put back into the system. 

Illegal immigrants are told by the Spanish speaking radio stations, television and their neighbors that if they are working and paying taxes they can vote. When I correct those with this understanding I am not believed given the weight of my voice versus many other authorities. Thus, Los Angeles County has 144% registered voters. The overage reasons are numerous when may be due to deceased voters who’s names have not been removed from the list; people who moved out of the county; illegal immigrants registered to vote but are legally NOT allowed to do so because the Constitution says they can’t, etc. 

Something not found in their country of origin is the opportunity but also the generous support our country provides. Free services like free public education,  school breakfast, lunch and dinner served year round, college scholarships and aid which are not available to US citizens. Free medical care at the ER were there is a slim to no possibility of the hospital being paid so others with insurance or a valid home address are charged an arm and a leg to make up for those who don’t pay or can’t pay. 

We have teenagers and college students who can’t get entry level jobs at minimum wage because illegal immigrants are taking those positions. Our youth are not beginning to look for work until their early 20’s when a strong work ethic should have been developing with their first paying job at 12 or 13 years of age. 

Illegal immigrant labor benefits and enriches wealthy business owners who are paying a low wage.  Too much low skilled labor in our economy keeps wages low. Without excess low skilled labor, teenagers, college students and seniors can get a job and wages would rise . 

Little known to most Americans is that illegal immigrants providing a service have two fee schedules – Higher price for the Gringo and a lower price for Hispanics.

Jobs can be difficult for the English only speaker because employers and foreman want to say it once in Spanish and not repeat it in English. Good bye construction jobs. 

Those in the construction trades who passed and paid the California contractors licensing exam and fee the know building codes, have Work Comp insurance, pay city business taxes, pay the employee payroll taxes that adds 30% onto the workers wage, are undercut by illegal immigrant labor posing as contractors who do not have these expenses.  The home owner likes the price and unknowingly hire the illegal immigrant labor. The city does not have enough inspectors to find and fine the unlicensed contractor.  My heart goes out to US contractors and trades because you need to pay your  home mortgage and buy the family food but can’t get work because you follow the rules and can’t compete on price compared to illegal immigrants. 

The United States had the minimum number if LEGAL immigrants entering our country  at 500,000 annually but that changed to 1,000,000 annually some 40 years ago. This is a minimum which is exceeded annually. Add the millions of illegal immigrants coming in taking jobs Americans do want but at a reasonable wage, it is no wonder why our labor mix is out of balance hurting American workers and families.  

The United States limits the number of LEGAL immigrants entering annually so the economy is not saturated with too many labor types that drive American wages down plus assimilation into the American culture occurs.  

The estimated number of illegal immigrants in the United States is very incorrect when one considers that last year over 600,000 foreigners over stayed their visitor Visa. They arrived but never left. Multiply this by 40 years, it is obvious the actual number of illegal immigrants is much higher than the frequently reported 11 million. 

RAND studies of the 1990’s found the characteristics of illegal immigrants are low skilled, low income, low educated and have lots of children. This drives down wages and limits entry level jobs in the USA for our children. It packs our school classrooms to an unmanageable level for teachers to be effective. Illegal immigrants TAKE TWO GENERATIONS TO PAY BACK WHAT THEY CONSUME in social programs like education, medical, food stamps and law enforcement. 

The illegal immigrants consume greater costs in social programs and services than LEGAL immigrants who are higher skilled, higher wages, higher educated and PAY THEIR WAY IN ONE GENERATION. 

When 55% of the illegal immigrants enter the country by walking across the border – we need a wall. When 45% are overstays on student and tourist visas, we need employers to use e-Verify when hiring a new employee. If the illegal immigrant  can’t get a job, they can’t eat. If they can’t eat, they go home. The same feet that brought them here will take them back. No mass deportation. They will deport themselves. 

We need a biometric, tamper proof national identification card which uses finger print, facial and iris recognition to verify the holder to be here in the country legally and can be used with E-verify for work eligibility. 

Congress needs to stop maternity tourist citizenship’s where pregnant women, in their last trimester, arrive at a birthing center operated out of a hotel or apartment to deliver the baby so the child receives a US birth certificate. In 18 years,  the child is eligible for college scholarships, lower college tuition costs and other services for a US citizen. Require one parent be a US citizen to grant the child a US birth certificate and citizenship. If neither parent is a US citizen, the child retains the parents national citizenship. We are the only country that uses birth on our soil as being a citizen. It is a carryover from the civil war and US citizenship for freed slaves.

When I here others speak of a wall is unAmerican, or allow them to stay, I look at our US citizen, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers who can’t make it due to too many illegal immigrants. 

Absent the illegal immigrants, our class size in LAUSD would be 50% smaller but the schools would have the same if not more money per student. 

Freeways and highways would be 50% less busy with fewer pot holes. Commute time to and from work would be greatly reduced which improves air quality and saves fuel costs.  

Apartments rent would be half so your children can afford a $1000 per month apartment instead of living at home until 35 years of age. 

Our hospitals would not be on the verge of closing due to non-payment of services because the illegal immigrant gave a bogus address. It is also a contributor to why we have the Affordable Care Act. Hospitals were going bankrupt and the ACA is our government’s attempt to save them.  

Our county jails would have 1/3 fewer prisoners. 

The flow of drugs into the country would be greatly reduced making it harder for our children to get addicted, unemployable and homeless. 

The crimes of MS13 and other gangs would be reduced. 

We would keep $20 billion dollars per year in the USA to stimulate our economy and not other countries. Keeping it here helps our economy to grow. 

We are a generous country but at what price should we pay? Help these people seeking a better life in their country of origin. Mexico is the greatest contributor to the USA illegal immigrant population yet Mexico is one of the wealthiest countries in the world – natural resources, manufacturing, export, etc. 

Vicente Fox does not want a wall because a loss of $20 billion annually will impact Mexico’s economy negatively. Mexico needs to look inward to fix its mess and help its people – not rely on the generosity of the American people. 

Leaders in the Hispanic community say that Mexico will take over California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas without firing a shot but do it with the woman’s womb. More births mean more voters to succeed from America. 

Twelve years ago when President Bush tried to fix illegal immigration, I spent three months reading 15 sociological  studies. I realized illegal immigration is worse than the media portrays it to be. It gave me a different perspective about the damage illegal immigration is doing to the USA. 

Absent our free social program we would not be having a discussion about illegal immigration. But then again, the free social programs is part of what draws illegal immigrants to the USA.

For those motivated to read the sociological studies about illegal immigration in Southern California and Los Angeles, go to the RAND website and search the principal investigator McCarthy and immigration as a search word or click on this link to be directed to studies.

Kevin McNamee

Dr. Kevin McNamee, a 2018 candidate for the Thousand Oaks City Council, is a 20 year resident of Thousand Oaks and business owner for over 28 years. He is an instructor at Ventura College in the Water Science Department. As a member of the Thousand Oaks Rotary, he volunteers his acupuncture and chiropractic clinical services at the Westminster Free Clinic to many of the city’s illegal immigrant and under-served population. His practice specializes in acupuncture, chiropractic, Asian and herbal medicine, blended with traditional Western diagnostics and treatment protocols. In addition to his practice, Dr. McNamee provides pain prevention services to organizations like the Los Angeles Police Department. Dr. McNamee’s Anti-Drug presentations for middle and high school students have helped change student attitudes about illegal drug use and abuse. 

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