RESIST Mitt Romney!



By Mike Smith

Tell Senator Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney to stop undermining Trump voters, the Trump Agenda and President Trump:

The people of Utah speak ill of themselves; Sen. Romney is their voice. Utah’s ill-speak is loud and clear in this week’s Washington Post:

“With the nation so divided, resentful and angry, presidential leadership in qualities of character is indispensable… And it is in this province where the incumbent’s shortfall has been most glaring.”

Sen. Romney might as well be working for the Washington Post! He advances the lie that America’s division is of a source other than Barack Obama and his administration. Mr. Romney is a dangerous fool.

Sen. Romney welcomed President Trump’s midterm mere months ago. Now he is backstabbing decent Americans, using the full force of the nation’s most dishonest newspaper. Does Sen. Romney not realize the damage he’s doing?

One need not be a leftist to do Left-Wing-sized damage to America.

The reason is simple. Leftists can reach only so far: to win, they must extend themselves vis-à-vis useful dupe non-leftists. Enter Sen. Romney and all fools like him. These are the people keeping the Left in America on life support.

The truth is Sen. Romney’s ultimate casualty. Doubling-down on stupid, Mr. Romney added:

“I do believe that a president, like any leader… has an impact not just on policies, but also on the character of the people who get to watch that person… And I think that’s an area the president needs to focus more attention and hopefully make some changers there.”

This drivel is revealing beyond words — literally! Behavior influences character more than words ever have. But don’t tell that to double-standard-living Sen. Mitt Romney!

As this fool waxes utopian, realists see the daylight between him and the Trump Agenda. The good of the Trump Agenda (i.e. President Trump’s actual character) is trumping Romney’s rhetoric, pun intended. Even with the dangerous bump stock ban and jailbreak moves.

Now will the bump stock ban and jailbreak ultimately trump the Trump Agenda? They could. But many more months will pass before we actually know.

Meanwhile, it’s high time for Sen. Mitt Romney to stop ticking off the Right, and start ticking off the right people!

Mike Smith is a longtime Ventura County resident who identifies as a Red State male in a Blue State body politic.

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William Lind

I agree with Mike Smith 100 percent. President Trump is doing an outstanding job putting Americans first and upholding the oath he took to defend our Republic. I am posting an article that proves that Mitt “The Clown” Romney is an dishonorable person and is in no position to make a judgement on anyone.

“Romney is not the good, honorable man that even some of his conservative movement critics make him out to be. He is a dishonest, dishonorable person who will lie at the drop of the hat in order to serve his own self-interest.” except from:


Any person who voted for Trump is not a “decent” American. They are collaborators in the destruction of the American Republic at the hands of a corrupt con man. As for Trump’s “character” — he has none save greed and enriching himself at the expense of America.

I applaud Sen. Romney’s momentary flash of sanity, but never fear, Trump supporters, he’s going to roll over and vote for every single one of Trump’s judges and policies and hasten America’s death.

William Lind

Your dead wrong “Matty”. President Trump is a decent American. He is doing a great job as President. He is performing his Constitutional duty to defend our country through his recent actions to protect our border and sovereignty. Either you are one of the liberal Democrat traitors or you are one of the lowlife Ventura County GOP RINOs. Take your pick. There is not much of a difference.