Response to Armando Vazquez’s Diatribes Against Oxnard PD’s Gang Injunction Program | Rebuttal and Constructive Criticism



By Tim Bond


After all the editorials Armando Vasquez had published here on civil gang injunctions in Oxnard, he never seemed to provide a single example of tangible harm done to any person enjoined by the injunctions.   No case of false arrest, no description or names of falsely detained persons, and no filed or adjudicated complaints of police harassment, etc. Really, he offered no such examples to demonstrate harm.  He merely repeated this claim of harm with each edition in his series.  


You would think that his very passionate claims would have included this important component.  


The reader needs to be able to believe a premise of [harm], first and foremost, if they are to be persuadable.  Only then can the reader make a determination about the law and its enforcement, good or bad. 


Also, Mr. Vasquez never attempted to offer any examples of business owners or property owners who support or may have benefitted from the abilities the injunctions provide to police officers in the field when they receive complaints or calls for help.  Surely property and business owners deserve equal protection for their own rights to life, liberty and property.   


Must readers not only assume the existence of actual harm, but also that the injunctions are [100% good-for-nothing]?  If so, on what basis of fact can we trust this claim?  


Mr. Vasquez is obviously very passionate about a problem he perceives.   It may, in fact, be real.  He may have the best of motives, and many readers here are strong advocates of the protections provided under our U.S. Constitution.  


However, we do need far more than what Mr. Vasquez offered.   For example.  I need more than his repeated implications of harm.  I need more than the opinions he provided from other jurisdictions.  If Mr. Vasquez heaps suggestions of ineptitude or negligent-intent on unnamed government officials, the least he can provide are some specifics to support it.  It turns out that the high ranking police officials Mr. Vasquez does name appear to be cooperating and reasonable by his own accounts.  Isn’t this a good thing?


For someone as passionate as Mr. Vasquez, he fell short of persuading the people he needed to, like me.  I hope he learns from this and improves in future editorials.  This is constructive criticism only.  I wish Armando the best and look forward to the facts or examples which might justify my support of his position.  Or, maybe my opposition.  


Timothy Bond, Thousand Oaks resident and former emergency responder in the Port Hueneme Oxnard communities, retired. 

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