Restaurants Introduce ‘Labor Surcharge’ To Patrons In Lieu Of Minimum Wage Increases

As liberal activists and the “Fight for Fifteen” movement continues to press for an increased minimum wage, the restaurant industry is passing the cost on to consumers in some states. Instead of increasing the price of menu items, many independent and regional chain restaurants are including a surcharge on the bill. The 3 to 4 percent…

2 Responses to Restaurants Introduce ‘Labor Surcharge’ To Patrons In Lieu Of Minimum Wage Increases

  1. William Hicks March 13, 2017 at 2:38 pm

    At $15.00 an hour, I may not consider tipping. Proponents of the increase in minimum wage suggest that anything less is not a living wage. So using that logic, then tipping should not be necessary if a server is being paid enough already.

  2. William Hicks March 13, 2017 at 1:50 pm


    1) A surcharge instead of a menu increase cost hides the cost instead of being transparent. It’s a way for restaurant owners to be inventive in addressing their increase in labor costs. This could backfire on them when patrons begin to ask why did their meal cost not be reflected in the menu. My guess is that restaurants that try this will find a reduction in patronage, no matter how small the “surcharge” is. It’s a form of dishonesty.

    2) Don’t forget who started this. It wasn’t George W. or Donald Trump. A combination of Union’s, anarchists and progressives started this. Consider who you are voting for and ask for their view on increasing the “national” and “state” minimum wages. Until you stop the proponents in their tracks, this will become policy.


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