Retired L.A. Detective gives Warning on Types of Child Sexual Predators

mind arial, sans-serif; font-size: 12pt;”>By Bill Dworin

The stranger molester:

            Uses force or violence in the abuse

            Will take the child to a secluded location to abuse

            Child is abused during one occasion and not over period of time

The family abuser

            May abuse boys or girls

            Abuse continues over period of time

            Uses secrecy to continue the abuse

            May molest one or more children in the house

The child seducer (Pedophile)

            Uses affection and attention towards the child

            Gains the trust of the parent to gain access to the child

            Often gives the child gifts and takes them on outings

            Commonly will show pornography to child to lower inhibitions

            Producer of child pornography

            Has an age and sexual preference for the child

            Uses secrecy to continue the abuse

The Internet predator

            Seeks out children on line through social networks

            Could be next door or across the country

            May send pornography and entice the child to meet

            May encourage the child to photograph self in suggestive or explicit pose

            May pretend to be a child of similar age as child or as adult

All children are at risk of any offender and should be made aware of how the offender targets children. Children should be taught not to keep secrets but to tell a responsible adult: a parent, teacher, police officer or an adult who the child trusts.

Parents should have open conversations with their children and make themselves available should a child disclose abuse. Believe the child; never blame the child for the activity of offender. Notify the authorities 


Bill  Dworin is a retired Los Angeles Police Department detective who had spent over twenty two years assigned to the Sexually Exploited Child Unit. Dworin has participated in over 4000 investigations and has been qualified as an expert in child sexual abuse investigations by state and federal courts throughout the United States.


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