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    The Road to Tyranny by Don Jans

    Riley Gaines Exposes ‘Cowardice’ Of Dem Politician “Who Won’t ‘Look Me In The Eye”

    A recent encounter between an up-and-coming conservative women’s advocate and a rising “progressive” congressional star shows Democrat politicians simply aren’t used to the idea of actually having to debate the “trans” agenda and the real-world effect it is having in society.

    Riley Gaines, former elite collegiate swimmer turned women’s advocate battling the “trans” takeover of female sports, explained in a recent interview how she tried to confront Rep. Katie Porter, California Democrat, after Porter maligned her in an appearance April 14 on Bill Maher’s HBO show “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

    Appearing with Maher and British TV pundit Piers Morgan, Porter – who is running to succeed ailing Democrat California U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein – questioned Gaines’ motives in defending women’s athletes’ rights. Porter used Gaines as an example of people exploiting issues to gain popularity, telling Morgan, “We talked about people … using things to get likes and get [internet] clicks.”

    Morgan responded: “That’s not what she’s doing,” to which Porter said, as if surprised, “She’s not?”

    But weeks later when Gaines spotted Porter on Capitol Hill and sought to answer the accusation regarding her motives, Porter fled rather than hear from the women she had defamed. The videos below show, respectively: 1) Gaines describing her encounter with Porter and the latter’s “cowardice”; and 2) Porter’s initial derogatory comments about Gaines on Maher’s show:


    Here Morgan, before interviewing Gaines, describes his on-air encounter with Porter:

    The conservative writer “Bonchie” at RedState transcribes Gaines’ remarks:

    “We made eye contact which she very quickly acted like she was on the phone because she didn’t want to address me,” she said. “But I went up to her and I introduced myself and I said, ‘Hello, Rep. Porter. My name is Riley Gaines.’ And she looked at me and said, ‘Congrats on being a competitor.’ That’s what she said.

    “And I said, ‘I want to address something with you.’ She turned around and bolted. Wouldn’t even let me get a word out. The disrespect. The audacity to simply turn around and not even acknowledge or take accountability for what she said. And once she turned around, I of course, followed her. And I said, ‘This comment you made of doing this for clicks and likes, that is disingenuous and you know this. You know that’s not why I’m doing this. Yet, you chose to say that.’

    “She did not respond and she continued walking away, which I think shows perfectly the cowardice of these people – to not even stand behind what you said about me. To say it to my face. That’s what I’m seeing across the board, state to state.

    “These Democrats, they can’t look me in the eyes and say what they, I don’t even think it’s actually what they think, to say what they’re voting – the policies they’re voting along – and tell me to my eyes they really mean that. She couldn’t do it yesterday.”


    Piers Morgan on real ‘fairness’
    In an April interview with Morgan on Sky News Australia, prior to her attempt to confront Porter in person, Gaines said, “I’m speaking for every female athlete, not just myself. I’m done competing. This isn’t about me.”

    She said she is speaking out for her sister, for (gender-confused biological male) swimmer Lia Thomas’ female teammates, and potentially some day for her own daughter. “It’s much bigger than just myself.” Gaines said, adding that she is not in this battle for “personal advancement” or monetary gain.

    “I was supposed to be in dental school this year,” she said.

    “What about fairness and equality for the women, for biological females?” Morgan asked. He described Lia Thomas as “a 6-foot, 4-inch biological male who did not compete successfully against men but is now demolishing women in national championships.”

    “Clearly that is unfair,” he said.

    In a January video announcing her campaign for the Democrat nomination for U.S. Senator to replace Diane Feinstein, Porter describes herself as a “warrior”:


    Bonchie commented on RedState: “Porter plays the role of tough girl when she’s sitting in a committee hearing with total control, but she runs away like a scared mouse the moment the target of her ire has a chance to speak back. What a surprise, right? If you can slander someone on Bill Maher’s show, you should have the ability to back it up.”

    Porter scored a 100-percent rating on the congressional scorecard for the pro-Democrat Human Rights Campaign, the most powerful LGBT activist pressure group on Capital Hill. HRC supports all aspects of the “transgender” agenda.

    Last month, not a single Democrat voted with the Republican House majority to help pass the “Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act,” which surely will be on next year’s HRC scorecard. The bill would “prohibit athletic programs and activities that receive taxpayer funds to ‘permit a person whose sex is male to participate in an athletic program or activity that is designated for women or girls,’” Federalist reported. The legislation passed on a party-line vote but, if it were to make it through the Democrat-run Senate, faces a sure veto from President Biden, the most radically pro-trans president in history.

    Gaines, a spokeswoman for Independent Women’s Forum, is also a rising star in Congress, where she recently testified about how one college official said he was OK with men going into women’s locker rooms, calling them “unisex”:




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