Robert B. Parker – My All Time Favorite Author (except for all the others)


By David Stewart

I retired about a year or so ago.  It was kind of a staged retirement as I worked part time for the Company I retired from.  I was the old guy who knew where to bang the obscure pipe.  Retirement became an opportunity to pursue one of my favorite pastimes, to read great fiction.  My home is so filled with books that I realized that I had to start going to the library because I no longer had room to keep more books.  A revelation , I didn’t have to find shelves to place my Amazon deliveries.  I now had more time than bookshelves and the library was perfect with their online catalogs and request system to hold books for me.

It was at the Library that I discovered Robert B. Parker, my new best friend I never met.  He wrote over 70 novels including three different Detective series and a Western series.  I have read every book I could get my hands on and the includes almost all his books.  I loved every one  but my favorite series was the Spencer novels.  Spencer was a Private Investigator in Boston and his network of friends and helpers was immensely interesting and colorful.  Spencer was strong and brave and very well read.  He often quoted poets and authors from the classics of  European literature.  Most of all what I loved was that his books were always the triumph of good over evil, my favorite theme.

Spencer was like a friend who you got to hang out with but just outside of the danger the often bubbled up in his life.  He was a one woman man who appreciated all women.  And he was surrounded by characters who came to life as though they were your own friends.  You knew them after a few books and enjoyed them evolving in their own lives just as your own friends do.

Life is tough these days especially for young people and divisions between good and evil harder to discern.  We all have so many friends that we don’t know who our real friends are and who are just Facebook friend collectors.  Spencer had a firm grasp of his values and knew his friends from his enemies.  I think this is a luxury we are not all blessed with.

If you need some shelter from the modern realities then I recommend the Robert B. Parker  reading therapy  program.  It is free at your local library.

David Stewart is retired and now IT director for Citizens Journal, so not exactly as retired as he’d like to be.




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One Response to Robert B. Parker – My All Time Favorite Author (except for all the others)

  1. Citizen Reporter May 16, 2014 at 7:26 pm

    Very nice- makes you want to go out and beg buy, borrow or steal Barker books.


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