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    Russia Sounds Alarm After US Army Joins Forces With Republic Of Pineland Guerillas

    By: Sorcha Faal

    A fascinating new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko revealing about yesterday’s Russia-NATO Council meeting: “At present, we have no unifying positive agenda…None at all”, says quick to follow was United States Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman declaring: “It is Russia that has to make a stark choice: de-escalation and diplomacy or confrontation and consequences…We expect and had expected that the Russian delegations at the SSD here at the NATO-Russia Council and tomorrow at the OSCE will have to report back to President Putin, who we all hope will choose peace and security”—and was a socialist Biden Regime declaration so absurd, it caused Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova to exclaim: “The quality of American education is well-attested by the absurd, mistake-riddled statements coming from White House officials”.

    Joining the absurdities put on display by the socialist Biden Regime, this report notes, was European Union High Representative Josep Borrell for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy stating: “Russia has addressed to the United States and NATO proposals on the future of security in Europe that contravene the principles of the European security architecture…They are accompanied by a military build-up on the border of Ukraine and the open threat by Russia of taking military actions if these demands are not met”—a statement of lunacy followed by former United States Deputy Defense Secretary Evelyn Farkas calling on the Biden Regime to marshal “an international coalition of the willing” to deter President Putin “and, if necessary, prepare for war”, then saw her warning: “If Russia prevails again, we will remain stuck in a crisis not just over Ukraine but about the future of the global order far beyond that country’s borders…Left unrestrained, Putin will move swiftly, grab some land, consolidate his gains, and set his sights on the next satellite state in his long game to restore all the pre-1991 borders: the sphere of geographical influence he deems was unjustly stripped from Great Russia”.

    This transcript sees Security Council Members agreeing with the assessment made by Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zakharova that these American officials are basically uneducated idiots, specifically because their unhinged fantasy pronouncements meet such stubborn truths like President Putin having declared nearly 20-years ago: “Whoever does not miss the Soviet Union has no heart…Whoever wants it back has no brain”—are idiot American officials that failed to see their own leftist New York Times reporting this week:  “While the United States and NATO speak with Russia this week, the Ukrainian government has been sidelined and is instead quietly pursuing separate negotiations with Moscow”—are idiot American officials unaware of the 10-Point proposal for peace in the Donbass region Ukraine submitted to Russia last month and German Federal Government spokeswoman Christiane Hoffmann having just revealed why her nation won’t send weapons to Ukraine, with her stating: “Generally, I can confirm that the government believes the conflict there can only be solved politically and diplomatically, not through military means”.

    Though Russia has no desire whatsoever to recreate the former Soviet Union by taking back former regions like Ukraine, this report continues, it will not tolerate NATO using these former Soviet countries to threaten the national security of the Russian Federation and its citizens—a fact well known to those like top Ukrainian political leader Nestor Shufrich, who this week revealed: “The Americans and the Russians have agreed on everything…In principle, we understand that Ukraine will never be a member of NATO, never at all”—a revelation now joined by the shocking news that Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden secretly approved sending Ukraine over $200-million in weapons and war supplies—all of which caused Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov to factually assess about these idiot Americans yesterday: “Their assertions about the alleged plan of an attack on a neighboring state being hatched by our country are a figment of the sick imagination of local Russophobic circles…This is the result of their mental disorder…The answer is unambiguous: we have no aggressive intentions towards Ukraine…It seems that US politicians have launched the myth of an ‘imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine’ in the media and are now facing their own phobias”.

    In the latest example of how this “mental disorder” is affecting the “phobias” of these idiot American officials, this report details, was what occurred this week after the Western Military District announced a training exercise consisting of around 3,000 servicemen and 300 pieces of military equipment, with their statement saying: “The main focus of the tactical exercise will be to carry out check firing exercises with small arms and armored vehicles, to organize marches when sabotage and reconnaissance groups of the conventional enemy are active, and to equip strongholds”—a normal training exercise that was instantly hysterically met by top Biden Regime spokesman Ned Price screaming: “De-escalation in this context would call for Russian troops to return to their barracks, for these exercises to either be explained or to come to a halt, for this heavy weaponry to return to its regular storage locations”.

    Security Council Members in this transcript note that the United States has as much authority to dictate how the Russian military conducts its training exercises in its own country as the Kremlin does in dictating to the Americans how to conduct their military training exercises, which for both sides is none—but in reaching new heights of socialist lunatic hypocrisy, it saw the Americans making this demand at the exact same time the United States Army announced that it was conducting a massive war training exercise that will take place from 22 January to 4 February and will span across 25 counties in North Carolina and three counties in South Carolina.

    This transcript sees Security Council Members all agreeing that if the same logic the Americans use against Russian military training exercises are applied to this one being conducted by the US Army, alarm bells should be immediately sounded and official demands made by Russia to return these troops and war equipment back to their barracks and regular storage locations—most particularly because this so-called US Army training exercise appears to be a practice run for a real civil war, either in Ukraine or the United States itself.

    In this massive US Army war exercise, this report explains, guerillas fighting on behalf of the Republic of Pineland will be supported by American Special Forces troops and are fighting against forces loyal to the United Provinces of Atlantica—in one description of the United Provinces of Atlantica sees it revealing: “The enormous, liberal, socially-minded government prioritizes Education, with Welfare, Social Policy, and Healthcare also on the agenda, while Spirituality receives no funds…The income tax rate is 100%…If its citizens go into business they are regulated to within an inch of their lives…Its national animal is the Brown bear, and its national religion is Norse paganism”—and sees the US Army revealing about the Republic of Pineland: “Over the last six decades, Special Forces Soldiers and civilians have fashioned an impressive network of relationships and institutional knowledge to run Pineland…This is laudatory…  However, for Pineland to be relevant for the 21st century it should be re-tooled”—and in its announcement to the government officials in North and South Carolina about this conflict, this week the US Army warned: “It will see soldiers placed in an environment of political instability characterized by armed conflict”.

    Virtually unknown to the American people, this report notes, is that the war between the Republic of Pineland and the United Provinces of Atlantica has been raging for decades—is a training exercise war that always sees American Special Forces siding with guerilla forces against the established government—in 2001 the American Special Forces veterans of this fictional war sided with real life guerillas to overthrow the government of Afghanistan—today sees this new round of fictional fighting coming at the same time articles are now appearing like “Americans May Finally Be Losing Confidence In The Woke Military” and it being shockingly revealed the US Army is having to pay $50,000 recruitment bonuses to fill its depleted ranks—all of which is occurring while the American people are being warned: “Imagine another American Civil War, but this time in every state”.

    The conclusion section of this transcript sees Security Council Members noting that this past year the Washington Times grimly warned: “Biden declares war on America — literally”—this week saw it shockingly revealed: “Biden’s Education Secretary Miguel Cardona requested the infamous letter from the National School Boards Association comparing protesting parents to domestic terrorists, emails published Tuesday revealed, demonstrating even further the Biden administration’s entrenched efforts to smear its political opponents as threats to national security”—then saw it being even more shockingly revealed: “The Biden administration is creating a new unit in the United States Department of Justice to counter domestic terrorism”—to put these shocking revelations in context sees horrifying articles now appearing like “How US State Media Rebrands Nazi Collaborators As Freedom Fighters” and “Poll: Many U.S. Voters Believe FBI Is Biden’s ‘Personal Gestapo’”—all of which leads the world to wonder today if the US military is preparing to fight to save the American people like it trained to do protecting the Republic of Pineland, or if it’s preparing to side with United Provinces of Atlantica and extinguish the United States forever.

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