Saint Patrick to Constitution: The Blood-Bought Paper Trail of Freedom

Marshall Foster Paper Trail of Freedom 010By George Miller

9/11/13, Oxnard library-  On this somber anniversary of the 9/11 attack, Dr.  Marshall Foster, President/Founder of World History Institute shared some of his historical research, to help explain the millennial journey leading to our Constitutional Republic form of government. This was shaped by both religious and secular forces, which he presented as key historical events (timeline) and documents (“paper trail”).

He set the stage by stating that all history isn’t all facts, but is colored/filtered by perceptions, beliefs and world view and humbly admitted that his version was also subject to those.  Most people are not taught cause and effect, consequences. So, history is a creation of the minds of historians with their agendas.

Dr. Foster is very concerned that people are not hearing the full story of history, how things work, especially on liberty. Students are surprised to hear the truth, as he was when he learned it and compared it to what he was taught in school. He believes that campuses are far to the “left” of where they were 50 or 100 years ago. America has transformed significantly in thinking in the last century, “programmed,” he said, not on source documents, but textbooks and professorial agendas.  He feels everyone should go all the way back to and study historical source documents, to help avoid this, as he has.  Foster also believes there are eternal theistic principles of right, as people like George Washington also believed.

The Blood-Bought Paper Trail of Freedom- The Beginning

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Above: PowerPoint from Dr. Foster’s presentation depicting some key historical freedom milestone documents.

He has spent decades studying history, particularly religious and political developments leading up to the present, which he referred to as “The Blood-Bought Paper Trail of Freedom,” alluding to the sacrifice and suffering needed to progress this far.

He started by denying the conclusions of some historians who say our system originated from the ancient Greeks, which he dismissed by saying their rather brief Democracy was a slave-based system and that he thought Plato was a pretty sick example, while conceding that we learned something from them.

Dr. Foster also discounted the Roman “Republic” as not really a Republic and the cradle of Western Civilization, but a group of Senators and an Emperor, who also ran a slave-based system, were brutal murderers and sacrificers, hardly attributes of a Constitutional Democratic Republicans. In fact, he said, virtually all ancient pagan societies- Aztec, Roman, early Chinese, Vikings- were  societies which practiced sacrifice. (In fact Roman civil codes were drawn upon, but sorely lacked guarantees of rights and structure of a Constitutional government like we cherish today). He said it was ludicrous to think that what we have now “was based upon Rome.”

Ireland: Dr. Foster detected the beginnings of what we have now first in Ireland, which was originally pagan, very brutal, savage- even the Romans had failed to conquer it. A young boy in Scotland was kidnapped by Irish bandits and taken back to their homeland to be their slave. He eventually escaped, returned home, was raised in Christianity, became educated, wealthy and incredibly returned to Ireland at 50, with a band of like-minded friends. There, the man later canonized as Saint Patrick (C 389-461 A.D.) proceeded to accomplish what is described as no less than a miracle: he brought Christianity and the structure of a civil society to this harsh land.

His accomplishments- personally or those he catalyzed, were manifold: Ireland became the first known nation to permanently eliminate slavery, established hundreds of sanctuaries for those in need, translated documents/scriptures from Latin, established civil laws, teaching, Christianity, sent out missionaries across the land and beyond.  No, he wasn’t about shamrocks and banishing snakes.  There is a paper trail!

England: The Vikings had conquered the last strongholds- only 200 of King Alfred the Great’s men escaped. But, in 878 AD, his reconstituted army gloriously defeated the Vikings. But rather than put the captured survivors to death as was the custom, Alfred instead baptized them. He  built the British navy, developed Christian education, translated texts and scriptures from Latin,  developed English Common law, which found its way into our present day society, where our courts resemble Common Law Courts. Foster says the Ten Commandments are the foundation of civil freedom.

But, unfortunately, kings became dominant again, in a bad way.

In 1215, Steven Langston, Archbishop of Canterbury and a band of supporters persuaded King John to sign the Magna Carta, one of the most important historical documents ever to limit the right of kings and establish basic rights, via 63 articles, which also proclaimed that the Church of England would be forever free.

* endowed by creator, not govt.

Scotland: The Declaration of Arbroath, initiated by Robert the Bruce, declared that all nations should be free and set out basic liberties.  The Scottish National Covenant of 1638 built upon that.

The 1599 Geneva Bible was a major new edition which was widely distributed and made the scriptures far more accessible to many more people, helping make the Bible the leading foundation of liberty there.

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Learning More

When asked how people could learn more, Marshall recommended his CD: Terror to Triumph.  He co-produced last year’s movie Monumental, which traces the development of the U.S. Constitution and civil society from Reformation Europe to the Mayflower Compact, to colonial development, to a nation operating as a Constitutional Republic.  His new movie, produced with Kurt Cameron is Unstoppable, is about why bad things happen to good people and premiered in River Park, Oxnard, on September 24.

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Cake celebrated Constitution day next week- it was delicious!


Dr. Marshall Foster is originally from Riverside, CA, Studied history at UCSB, went to seminary school, received a Doctorate, founded Worlld History Institute in the 1970’s.


George Miller is Publisher of and a “retired” operations management consultant, active in civic affairs, living in Oxnard.


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Citizen Reporter
5 years ago

Will meetings like this one at Oxnard Library become “illegal?”

Here’s one which was refused:

William "Bill" Hicks
William "Bill" Hicks
7 years ago

Like Hillsdale College, I look forward to hearing more from Dr. Foster.