Sanders, Trump win Indiana gold

Cruz suspends campaign, no delegate path to victory for Sanders without a Clinton disaster

By George MillerTrumpSanders

Trump’s 53.3% vote tally and 17 point lead in the Tuesday May 3, 2016 primary election was greater than predicted and effectively ended Cruz’s campaign tonight. He “suspended” it, so technically he could opportunistically revive it. Kasich’s 7.6% didn’t do him much good.

Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton by 5 points, with 52.5% of the vote, so they split the delegates 43-37. But Clinton is ahead nationally and way ahead on “Superdelegates,” for an estimated total of 2202, with 2383 needed for a majority and 1163 still available for the taking. The superdelegate totals could change, as they did in 2008 when Obama’s momentum increased. But this likely means she is virtually assured of walking into the  DNC convention with a winning hand and first ballot nomination. The only things that could plausibly stop her are an indictment, overpowering new evidence, or even worse health problems. Oddsmakers are calling a Hillary victory. But Sanders has a secondary objective of moving the debate and party to the left- and he seems to be succeeding. So, expect him to hang in there longer,

The Indiana Republican vote total of  nearly 1.1 million was double the Democrats’ 537 thousand number, hinting at November results. But the Dem. contest is not as nail-biting as the Republican race, which generated even more excitement than Bernie Sanders’ insurgency. Sanders, Cruz and Trump were all considered unlikely victors, but all have greatly surprised pundits. Voters seem tired of traditional politicians, who many believed have served them poorly. They are searching for alternatives, which has made this the most unusual Presidential election season in memory.

Note: the delegate totals don’t add up below because some haven’t yet been determined.


Indiana · 83 delegates
98% reporting
Bernie Sanders (won)
Hillary Clinton


  • May 3

    Indiana · 57 delegates
    98% reporting
    Donald Trump (won)
    Ted Cruz
    John Kasich

    In the Republican race for delegates, Trump has a probable 1047 of the 1237 needed, with 520 still up for grabs. So contrary to prognostications of so-called “pundits” and party officials, he has an excellent chance of going to the convention with a lock on the nomination. It’s anyone’s guess what will happen to Cruz’s 565, Kasich’s 15, and some for other dropout candidates’ delegates.

    Statistics above are from Google- see more details and other primaries.


    Cruz suspends presidential campaign

    Cruz suspends presidential campaign

    Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas said Tuesday night that he was suspending his campaign to be the GOP presidential candidate, potentially ending any real battle for the party’s nomination. Earlier in the evening NBC News projected that Donald Trump would easily win the GOP primary in Indiana. Cruz was the only candidate to notch multiple […]

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William "Bill" Hicks

Trump, from the very beginning was underestimated. Many thought he would crash and burn on his own fumes. That miscalculation started his momentum that no one was able to catch up with.

Later attempts to put on a more forceful attack only made his devotee’s resolve even stronger. After all, traditional politicians have failed to serve their constituency as much as they self served. These same politicians felt that conservative constitutionalists could only vote for them because they surely wouldn’t vote for a democrat or libertarian. What they failed to notice is that Trump was neither, or maybe a mix of all.

Here’s where it all comes down to…..many would prefer to vote for the unknown than vote for a known puffed up deceiver, regardless of political party. As a Cruz person, I understand their decision making process and will get behind Trump.