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By Michael Greer

A Liberal friend of mine remarked that the new Democrat majority in the House was a return to sanity. Forgive me for laughing out loud but sanity would not be the word I’d use. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (affectionately AOC) wanting free college, free healthcare, and open borders proving how useless her degree in finance is. Rashida Tlaib who wants to “impeach the motherf***er.  Ilhan Omar, who married her brother to get citizenship. Two of them Muslims whose allegiance is to Islam not America. And these are just some of the new members. DNC chair, Tom Perez said AOC is the new face of the Democrat party. Yes, very sane.

 And what are the first things the new “sane” House does? Articles of impeachment with no evidence of any crimes or misdemeanors, a bill to end the Electoral College, and a bill to end the partial shutdown of government…..knowing none will get through the Senate or to Trump’s desk. They want to end the Electoral College which would end our Republic. Democracies never last long, but then they know that. A pure Democracy would result in the tyranny of the majority. California and New York would chose our Presidents and fly over country would become completely voiceless and irrelevant. That’s sanity?

The Democrat party (not necessarily the Democrat voters) has embraced “Democratic Socialism”. Do average people even know what that means? They think it means they can vote for socialist policies and vote them out if they don’t like them. That’s not how Socialism works,“democratic” or not. Once government has control it doesn’t relinquish it. Democrats no longer make any pretense of being for the working man. They are for illegal aliens. Bernie Sanders, AOC and others have pushed the Democrat Party far left. I suspect the 2020 Democrat primary candidates will push each other even farther Left.

My Liberal friend had scoffed when I told them the Democrat party supported abortion up to and including the date of birth. Scoff no more because NY Governor Cuomo said this week he wouldn’t sign any budgets that didn’t include funding for abortions up to birth. Hillary Clinton, in support of Cuomo, said this week there was “no time to wait” to accomplish this goal. Nancy Pelosi wanted us to recognize the “spark of divinity” in MS13 gang members….but apparently we must ignore the “spark of divinity” in human babies.

Democrats like to call Conservatives “alt-right” and “extreme”. Let’s clarify this right now. Conservatives, specifically, and the Republican Party, in general, have nothing to do with the “Alt-Right”. The “Alt-Right” may vote for Republicans but that’s because Democrats are for “diversity” (of color not opinion) and open borders and the Alt-right is not. Other than that the “Alt-Right” has more in common with the Left than Right. What is called “extreme” by Democrats are traditional values, Christianity, two sexes, the 2nd Amendment, and our founding documents. Republicans views on those issues haven’t changed or become extreme. In fact, to my disappointment, Republicans have become softer on those issues. But this doesn’t prevent Democrats from calling traditional values “extreme”. As usual Democrats are projecting, because it’s Democrats that have become extreme.

Democrats, ALL spoke against illegal immigration, listing all the reasons that are still true, they include criminals, gangs, drugs, they lower wages, take jobs from Americans, they’re  unvetted, unfair to legal immigrants, etc. Democrats voted FOR a wall and $50 Billion to fund it. But now they say securing our border is racist, immoral, expensive and ineffective. First, national security isn’t racist. We’d feel the same if 60,000 people, many with criminal records, drugs & sex slaves, crossed our border from Canada. Second, it isn’t immoral to protect our citizens. In fact, it’s government’s FIRST responsibility. And if they think walls are immoral they need to take down the walls around their homes….and stop funding walls along other countries borders. Third, the claim a wall is expensive is laughable. They originally voted FOR $50 Billion (Where IS that money?). The State Department under Hillary misplaced $6 Billion and the Federal Government misplaces about $160 Billion a year. In our $4.4 Trillion budget, $5.7 Billion is pocket change. And Fourth, it isn’t ineffective and they know it. Border Patrol says walls are effective. Everywhere we have walls they have cut illegal crossings by 90% to 95%. The reality is Democrats are against walls because they DO work. Jim Acosta made a complete fool of himself while trying to mock those who support a wall, when he pointed out where the wall was there was no danger, no people trying to rush the border.

The Media’s hair is on fire over the poor nonessential federal employees who aren’t going to get paid until the shutdown is over (ever heard of “savings” or a “loan”). Oh, Democrats are SO upset about the employees that they are sipping pina coladas on a Puerto Rican beach instead of in DC meeting with Border Patrol, families of victims killed by illegal aliens, and people who live on the border……like the President IS. Speaker Pelosi refused to meet any of the Angel families and told DHS Secretary, Kirsten Neilson, she rejected “her facts”. Secretary Nielsen replied they weren’t her facts, they were THE facts.

Democrats now support any and all comers. California Governor Newsom said in his inaugural address, that ALL were welcome. There is no exception. Your sweet little nanny or cleaning lady is no different than MS13 or sex traffickers. We’re not supposed to mention 60% to 80% of women are rapped on their way to our border. Or that many of the children are sex slaves. Or that 90% of the drugs in our country are brought across our borders. The former head of the Border Patrol under Obama, Mark Morgan said MS13 gang members would laugh at the border patrol because it was so easy for them to cross back and forth across the border and the patrol could do nothing about it.

Democrats are saying in unison, there is no crisis on the border. They say it’s a “manufactured crisis”. Border Patrol says 20,000 family units (which means at least 2 or 3 people = approximately 60,000) crossed our border just in Dec. That’s the population of many towns. About 600 “OTL’s” (other than Latin) we’re apprehended last month. Many had direct or indirect connections to terrorist organizations. How many weren’t apprehended? Border patrol apprehends 50,000/60,000 a month. Again, how many don’t they apprehend? They estimate they apprehend one in three. That means about 150,000 get in EVERY MONTH. They overwhelm our schools, law enforcement, hospitals, etc. We just had a caravan of over 5000 come from South America and try to break through our border. Another caravan is forming.

While Democrats don’t want to secure our border and don’t care how many criminals come into America, while they protect illegal alien criminals in Sanctuary Cities, they have let us know they plan to “infringe” on our gun rights and ability to defend ourselves. A new plan besides the background checks to buy ammunition is to only allow people to buy 20 bullets a month. At the same time Democrats are pressuring credit card companies and banks to deny services to gun sellers and manufacturers to drive them out of business. With 328 killed in mass shootings last year Democrats demand more gun control but 2028 homicides by illegals (according to ICE) last year don’t require border control. Many more Americans are killed by illegal aliens than are killed by mass shooters. No, my Liberal friends, it isn’t a “manufactured crisis”.

Oh, yes, I’m really look forward to the “sanity” of the Democrat lead House. Single payer healthcare (we SAID was their goal), no Electoral College, no restrictions on abortions, free college, minimum income (that’s a good one), high taxes, ration energy & water (Newsom plans to tax drinking water), criminalize speaking against Islam or Climate Change, allowing illegal aliens to vote and serve in government, and endless investigations into everything Trump.

Michael Greer

Michael Greer retired from the film/television industry and is the co-organizer of the Santa Monica Tea Party and the Los Angeles Tea Party, on the board of directors of the Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights and was a member of the Republican Central Committee for the 41st Assembly District.  Her website is:

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