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    Santa Barbara: Restore Education Now

    Letter to the Editor

    Parents and Concerned Residents:

    Do you support the best possible education for our kids?

    Kids are back in school, but families are still dealing with the fallout from failed COVID education decisions: test results are down and kids are father behind than ever before because the Democrats locked up our kids for two years. Parents were silenced and given no alternatives. Adults in leadership had no plan and failed our kids.

    This is a crisis: We are at risk of having a lost generation of kids who can never catch up or get ahead.

    Our Kids Deserve Better: If you believe that we can’t afford another school shutdown and parents deserve a voice in education, please join us now — help elect qualified school board candidates who will KEEP SCHOOLS OPEN and RAISE EDUCATION STANDARDS for Santa Barbara County kids!

    Our qualified, education-focused candidates will work to ensure:
    🍎Our schools are world-class, safe learning environments;
    🍎Reading, writing, and math standards are restored;
    🍎Good teachers are rewarded, and abusive teachers are fired;
    🍎Politics is removed from the classroom; and
    🍎Parents have a right to be involved in their child’s education!

    Our kids are our future — this is so important, we can’t let them down!
    Will you donate $5 or more now to help us raise standards and restore education in Santa Barbara County schools?

    Santa Barbara County schools were underperforming *before* COVID shutdowns. Now the problem is magnitudes worse.

    Did you know that only 9% of students at McKinley Elementary School in Santa Barbara are passing math?

    Up in Santa Maria, 65% of students are failing English.

    Students are flunking out at record rates all across Santa Barbara County. We need reform.

    Even though schools reopened, kids aren’t learning the basics they need to succeed in the world because political agendas are crowding out education in the classroom!

    If you believe our kids deserve better and we must prioritize education, not politics, in our schools, please join us today!

    In order to build a future for our vibrant community, we must clean up our schools and take politics out of education.

    That means supporting candidates who have a plan to keep kids learning during the “next COVID” and who will restore the educational achievement standards that once made our schools top-ranked in the nation — a distinction that is now in the distant past!

    The Democrats had their shot. They failed during COVID and they have been failing our kids for over a decade, as made clear with declining test scores and rising dropout rates.

    It is time to elect new, qualified leaders to step in and step up to the task of restoring education and accountability in our schools!

    For Our Kids,
    Bobbi McGinnis
    Santa Barbara County Republican Party



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    Sheryl Hamlin
    15 days ago

    ..The U.S. has been ranked 37th of 79 industrialized countries in math achievement among 15-year-olds. Among the states, California is well below average… New Yorker

    So how will the supposed 18,000 jobs in the new Taiwan Semi and other tech companies who need STEM grads be filled? Just take a guess.

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