Santa Paula: First Quarter Fiscal Review

By Sheryl Hamlin

At the October 16, 2019 Santa Paula City Council meeting, Finance Director Ramirez presented the first quarter of fiscal year 2019-2020 update.

Finance Director Cristy Ramirez

Director Ramirez prefaced her statement to council with the caveat that more data would be available at mid-year. This report will be issued in February 2020.

First Quarter Revenue Exceeds Expectations in Known Categories

While not all categories such as sales taxes and property taxes are known at this point, Director Ramirez presented several categories showing increases totaling $288,700. Note that these are one-time revenues and should not be spent toward recurring items.

Recommending $120,000 of the above to be applied to reserves, the following expenditure recommendations were made :

$15,000 Lobbying for BUILD Grant (Harvard Boulevard)
$25,000 Census Outreach
$25,000 Labor Negotiations Facilitator
$5,000 Quality Improvement Committee Funding (Employee Suggestions)
$15,000 Firearms Training
$25,000 Salaries and Benefits (one time expenses)
$48,700 City Hall Renovations and Repairs
Total: $158,700

It was noted that the BUILD Grant (Harvard Boulevard), if awarded, will require modifications to the General Plan because the design as submitted is not consistent with the General Plan thus requiring funding to reconcile.

Other revenue neutral budgeted items were modified and approved.

To watch the entire presentation and/or download the staff report, click here.

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Sheryl Hamlin

As of October 2019, sales tax revenues in CA are up slightly over forecast. One can hope this translates locally….