Santa Paula – Limoneira Gateway Project closer to breaking ground


By Debra Tash

Santa Paula City Council Meeting:  At their 2/18/2014 meeting Limoneira, the agricultural/corporate giant, presented its Gateway Project. The company hopes to break ground by January of next year.  They are planning for 1500 dwelling units from apartments to condos and single family homes on the 501 acre ranch (now annexed into Santa Paula) which is at the city’s eastern boundary.  Also in the works is a new elementary school: the last one built in Santa Paula was in 1961.   The new community will be a mix of commercial, light industry along with housing and a new civic area of parks and soccer fields. Limoneira intents to remain the master builder as other developers undertake the construction.  By February 28th 2014 the company will file their corrected Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and be open for public comments until September 2014.  Limoneira is currently in talks with interested developers.  To sweeten the pie they will grant to the city $250,000 for policing and security while the project is being built. Limoneira also plans to turn over their water rights to Santa Paula but only enough to compensate for the amount of water actually used by the new community.


Debra Tash is Editor-in-Chief of, past president for Citizens Alliance for Property Rights, business executive and award-winning author, residing in Somis

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3 Responses to Santa Paula – Limoneira Gateway Project closer to breaking ground

  1. Stefan Djordjevic February 19, 2014 at 10:00 pm

    They should have a Mariachi festival to celebrate the new future.

  2. Bill Neumann February 19, 2014 at 1:07 pm

    This project needs to be stopped. We don’t have the water!


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