Santa Paula: Mi Pueblito Moving to Main Street

By Sheryl Hamlin

Accompanied by about twenty friends and family members, Mr. Armando Reyes won approval for his renovation of the block located at 1072 E. Main Street in Santa Paula. Saying he was blessed to have been able to have purchased the Main Street property, he and his family are looking forward to moving their successful, ten year old business to Main Street in Santa Paula.

The lease in the current location at 148 South Ojai Street is not being renewed, which prompted the move, according to the Mr. Reyes. The business includes a meat market and grocery store which will include liquor sales. A grocery store in the Central Business District (CBD) requires a Conditional Use Permit (CUP).

The picture below, taken from the Planning Department staff report shows the before and after elevation of the block of Main Street. The improvements will also include the rear side of the building and the parking lot.

During the Planning Commission discussion on May 24, 2016, there was discussion about adding another grocery store with a Type 20 liquor license in this area. However, it was explained that the project does not include a new liquor license; rather the existing license will be transferred, so there is a net change of zero in the same zone. Mr. Reyes verified that he had conferred with the State Alcoholic and Beverage Control about the feasibility of transferring the license.

The commission agreed that the existing block looked shabby and this project would add new foot traffic and a badly needed facelift to the building. Commissioner Demers said the building now was an eyesore and he appreciated a small business that would take the risk on his own shoulders.

The project was approved unanimously.



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jeremy mariott
jeremy mariott
4 months ago

No mention of the son Jerry that runs the store being a thief and sexual predator I thought that would have been in there ,common knowledge