Santa Paula: No Food Truck War

By Sheryl Hamlin

Referring to a recent article in the Ventura County Star, Raul Ramos, owner of “la Fruti Fresca”, spoke in Public Comments at the January 3, 2017 Santa Paula Council Meeting, said he wished to clarify what was said at a previous council meeting against the food truck business, as wells as what was said in the VC Star article. He said there is no war; he provides a unique treat not offered elsewhere.

Mr. Ramos said that they have health permits, liability insurance, and a business license. They pay space rent and have the owner’s permission to use the restroom. He parks his truck at “The Four Guys Liquor” at 12th and Main Street where he serves a healthy menu of fresh fruit cocktails and fruit desserts, which can be seen on his Facebook page. He suggested the community be involved in a discussion about food trucks and he would like to be part of that discussion. 

The ordinance prohibits food trucks on Main Street and 12th street, so his truck is located at the perimeter of the boundary inside which trucks may not park.


Raul Ramos (left) and Edgar Aguilar (right), food truck owners

 Edgar Aguilar reiterated statements about his conforming business practices and said that he was cited for being within the prohibited food truck area, although he said he was parked blocks from Mr. Sandoval’s restaurant. He has a health permit, pays rent, pays for food, employees four people plus himself, all of whom live in Santa Paula.

He has been trying for the last three years to get a permit from the city, but he was told there are no more spaces. He was located at 743 East Harvard Blvd. He said there were others trucks from outside of Santa Paula selling food.

At the conclusion Mayor Crosswhite asked the Planning Department to follow up with these two entrepreneurial citizens of Santa Paula.

Competition may be dangerous to the less nimble, but ultimately the consumer will decide.

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oscar gonzalez

Your last sentence sums it up nicely…