Santa Paula: Planning Commission Approves Transfer of 79 Acre East Area 1 Open Space to Limoneira

 By Sheryl Hamlin

Although short (only 15 minutes) and without a full five-member body (one death and one member relocation), the Santa Paula Planning Commission heard two significant issues.

General Plan Conformance Review of the Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Capital Improivement Program (CIP)

John Ilasin, Interim Public Works Director and City Engineer, presented a list of potential Capital Improvement projects along with a potential funding source for each. The purpose of the presentation was to certify that these projects conform to the General Plan. The Planning Commission is not charged with funding analyses. Each project will be considered individually by the City Council.

Below is the list of projects. Each project is accompanied with a one page description and potential funding source. To download the reports, click here. The list was approved without additions or deletions.

  • Sidewalk Repair Program
  • Pavement Slurry Seal and Rehabilitation Program
  • Steckel Drive and Anacapa Terrace Pavement Resurfacing Project
  • Santa Paula Branch Line Trail Improvement Project (Citywide Railroad Crossings Improvement Project)
  • Tenth Street (SR 150) Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements Project
  • Crosswalk Safety Improvement Program
  • Fourth Street Storm Drain Improvement Project
  • Foothill/Hardison/Cameron Storm Drain Improvement Project
  • Manhole Rehabilitation and Replacement Program
  • Inflow and Infiltration Reduction Program
  • Sewer Pipeline Rehabilitation Program
  • Water Recycling Facility Floodwall Project
  • Water Recycling Facility Site Improvement Project
  • Water Recycling Facility Capital Expenditures Program
  • Harvard Boulevard Sewer Pipeline Replacement Program
  • Recycled Water Distribution System
  • Canyon Booster Pump Station Project
  • Well Rehabilitation Program
  • Water Main Replacement Program
  • Crosstown Water Pipeline Project
  • Water Meter Replacement Program
  • Mesa Tank Study
  • GIS/GPS Asset Management System
  • SCADA Land Line to Radio Conversion Program
  • Harvard Boulevard Water Main Replacement Program
  • Potable Water System Master Plan
  • Teague Park Master Plan II
  • Mill Park Restroom Rehabilitation Project
  • Teague Park Restroom Rehabilitation Project
  • Irrigation System Replacement Program
  • Playground Equipment Upgrade Program
  • Veterans Memorial Park Restroom Rehabilitation Project (Previous report)
  • Building Roof Repair Program
  • Building Floor Replacement Program
  • Community Center Meeting Media Room Project
  • Security Cameras for Park Facilities Program
  • Corporation Yard Project
  • Railroad Station Platform Safety Barrier Improvement Project
  • City Hall Data Room Power Systems Upgrade Project


Vacate Limoneira Offer to Dedicate 79 Acres of Property in East Area I

The 37 acre park in the southwest of East Area 1 has been the subject of two reports: a community meeting and a budget meeting, where funding of the annual park maintenance was left unresolved.

The 79 acre open space/park in the north part of the property has not been previously discussed until the Planning Commission of April 25, 2017. The dark area in the drawing below taken from the staff report shows the proposed open space/park.

Source: Santa Paula Staff Report

Tim Jones of Limoneira/Lewis explained that the city has expressed “no interest” in maintenance of this park. Thus, according to the staff report, the Planning Commission must approve a vacation of the previous offer to give the land to the city. Limoneira plans to add this 79 acres to one of the East Area 1 “neighborhoods” where it will be HOA maintained.

Commissioner Robinson asked if this could lead to more development, to which Mr. Jones replied that there would be deed restrictions against development.

Sheryl Hamlin spoke in Public Comments suggesting that this vacation could be an opportunity to create an “agriburb”, a type of suburban enclave where there is an agricultural feature such as gardens or orchards which are managed and maintained by the HOA who also shares in the enjoyment of the produce. She presented Mr. Jones a printed copy of this article, where a developer has built several such “agriburbs” and suggested Limoneira meet this developer who created ‘Agritopia‘ in Gilbert, Arizona.

The item was approved unanimously.


James Mason, Deputy Planning Director, announced that there is one more interview to be conducted for the two open Planning Commission positions.

There will be a May meeting with at least two agenda items, said Tom Tarantino Planning Department coordinator.


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