Santa Paula: Reward offered for information in tagging of historic Fig Tree

Santa Paula Police Chief Steve McClean

Santa Paula Police Chief Steve McClean

From Chief of Police McLean:

The City of Santa Paula is offering a $500.00 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons involved with the tagging of the historic fig tree located on the corner of Santa Barbara St. and 10th St. The historic Morton Bay Fig Tree is one of the local treasures in Santa Paula and for someone to tag a living icon that means so much to Santa Paulan’s, shows a complete lack of intelligence and zero class. We are allowing people or businesses to add to the reward pool. Simply add the amount you would like to pledge in the comment section or send a letter to the Santa Paula Police Department- Chief McLean and we will add this to the reward. The City of Santa Paula will only be responsible for the $500.00 reward, all other money pledged will be the responsibility of the person making the pledge. The reward will be paid to the first person with the correct information that leads to an arrest and conviction. In the event more than one person comes forward with information within the same time frame the reward will be split between those individuals.

We do not tolerate gang members in Santa Paula and we are not going to tolerate the taggers. You picked the wrong tree, in the wrong town.

Source: Santa Paula Police


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