Santa Paula: Teenager Squats 512 Pounds for World Record

By Sheryl Hamlin

No, this is not a teaser headline to sell you a fitness regime, but it could be!

Santa Paula teenager Thalia Soto has won the International Powerlift League competition for a record setting squat of 512 pounds. Thalia trains at Santa Paula Fitness on Main Street owned and operated by fitness expert Dr. Vanessa White and her husband Kevin White.

Thalia Soto and Dr. Vanessa White

Powerlifting is an Olympic sport organized under the International Powerlifting Federation.

Dr. White presented the award to the teenage recipient whose family also works out with her at the gym, according to City Manager Fontes who introduced the award. Dr. White said she gets “emotional” presenting such an award, because Title IX was in its infancy during White’s youth. Created in 1972, Title IX is a federal law that says no one can be denied the opportunity to participate in sports on the basis of sex. The Whites presented Thalia with a year’s free gym membership.

Now, watch this amazing video and see for yourself!

Video of Record Squat 512 pounds

Thalia Soto Champion

This is the first in a multi-part report of the April 3, 2017 Santa Paula City Council meeting.

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Justice for all

What does this have to do with Title 9? Does everything have to be political. These people are not happy for her. They are patting themselves on the back. Government thinks it is all because of them. Give the girl her Kudos and keep you finger out Santa Paula.

Pauline Lovato

Me. Pauline