Santa Paula: Will the City Downsize and Bifurcate the Municipal Services?

By Sheryl Hamlin

This article elaborates on the March 18, 2019 Community meeting where the possibility of a relocation of city services to two different locations was discussed. Read that report here.

No materials were provided comparing the size and footprint of the current City Hall and municipal services which stretches from Mill to 10th Streets along Ventura to the United Water Conservation District on the corner of 8th and Main Streets.

This comparison was clearly lacking in the presentation. Marshall Roath, citizen of Santa Paula, has provided a site plan for both locations with dimension. To download this document click here: SP City Hall Alternatives (Roath)


With street access on three sides, a transit center, a view of the park and easy freeway access, the existing facility sits on about 68,125 square feet of property. The 20,000 square feet of buildings are single stories with room for expansion.

Located at the corner of 8th and Main Streets, the building has rear access from 8th street and pedestrian access from 8th Street, as currently configured. The property is approximately 30,000 square feet. The building is approximately 8500 sq feet. The building is two stories. Note the siteplan in the document and compare the first floor circulation and conference room size.

Download the document to read more details on the comparison of the two properties: SP City Hall Alternatives (Roath)

Bifurcation of Services

At the same time, the city plans to move the Police, Public Works, Engineering, Community Development, Water Utility Services and the Corporation Yard, Street Maintenance, Fleet Maintenance, Human Resources and Information Lemonwood Park, which is south of Hallock Drive. The City has been negotiating with the owners of 270 Quail Court and 1547-1580 Lemonwood Drive near Hallock.

Shown in the map below, the travel time by car between the Main Street location and the Lemonwood properties epresents early afternoon (3:00 pm) traffic.

Source: Google Maps

There was no discussion about travel times. How often do inter-departmental meetings occur? There was an audience question at the March 18, 2019 meeting about the flood issue at Lemonwood which according to the city is minimal.


The city has hired consultants to plan this project, but no details of the planning were presented. Presumably these details will be presented before the city opens escrow on any of these properties.

Download the comparisons here:SP City Hall Alternatives (Roath)

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Krys Bojanowski
Krys Bojanowski
1 year ago

Moving police station away from the gang-infested 12th street area will cause response delays and will not help keeping the lid on gang activities in the city. Moving out of the current city hall location to a new smaller place calls for referendum before it is acted upon.

S.P. Citizen
S.P. Citizen
1 year ago

As a resident of Santa Paula all of my life, I have noticed a continuing trend amongst city leaders, “Ride this gravy train til the wheels faĺl off”. Santa Paula as a community has witnessed numerous City Managers, Mayors, Council Members, etc. play the “Shell Game” with city funds at the benefit of ill informed citizens. But beware as this sword is double edged. The “revolving door” of public title holder’s nearly matches the allegations and inquiries of misappropriated and uncounted funds. Research will show this to be a continuing trend. Small town mentality= take advantage of our small town mentality.

judy Rice
judy Rice
1 year ago

If the police department is moving why can’t the city offices move into the police station? I think we are spending money we don’t have. I guess we can always pass another tax to pay for these moves. It is always easy to spend other peoples money.

Judy Rice
Judy Rice
1 year ago

What is wrong with where they are? if the police station is vacant why can’t the city offices move there? I think we are spending money we don’t have. I guess we will have to propose another tax to pay for all these changes. Always easy to spend other peoples money! Typical of government.

Richard Main
1 year ago

You raise excellent points. Maybe all should go to Lemonwood if any does. Maybe not such a good idea as proposed. An all new city hall of 2 stories might be better.