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    SARS-COV-2, The Disease COVID-19 And Future Of Post Pandemic America

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    Chris Bailey| Citizens Journal

    As the SARS-COV-2 emergency winds down and we return to a Post-Virus life, citizens ask how well our government has dealt with this public health event, and how to do better in the future.

    On June 5th, 2021 a cardiologist, physicist and Texas resident clearly focused his lifetime of knowledge on the lead up to the pandemic, the nuts and bolts of how United States health system leaders manage the virus, and our future with these decisions. Event 2021 is Dr. Fleming’s 4 hour presentation on the subject.

    Pre Pandemic Missteps

    2019 was the perfect storm for a virus to break out worldwide. In the media, tensions were at the breaking point. Our trading relationship with China was at a crossroads, and people were getting sick and dying from an odd illness similar to the Flu. As the United States shuts down air travel from outbreak regions, politicians screamed it was racist to focus on China. When the WHO identified SARS-2 as a new strain of coronavirus which could produce a disease known as COVID-19, many were concerned the World Health Organization wasn’t telling the full truth about this virus. It was learned China was restricting domestic travel while simultaneously allowing international travel. Not consistent with a CCP position that the virus was not transmitted person to person. Not consistent with China press releases that the virus had peaked, and was contained. Dr. Fleming’s presentation documents in vivid detail that the virus was NOT novel, but has history as far back as 1999. He demonstrates that the SARS-COV-2 virus was engineered over a span of years, and enhanced through viral manipulation. In 2000, Ralph Baric manipulated SARS-Cov Urbani. Dr Zhengli (Bat lady) and Ralph Baric announced in 2015 they can make an extremely infectious virus to humans in 2015. $61 Million in research grants, funded by the United States and supervised by the NIH and NIAID, are paid to Peter Daszak at EcoHealth. Viewers are reminded in Dr. Fleming’s presentation that throughout this history, Dr Fauci has been the Director of NIH,Dr.,threats%20such%20as%20pandemic%20influenza 

    Dr. Fleming asks all who watch “EVENT 2021″ to use the Heuristic Method. Don’t accept anyone’s word, even his, for data you can verify yourself. He cautions to be careful about fact checks that conflate the virus SARS-COV-2 with the disease COVID-19.

    A Year of Fear and Loathing

    As hospitals filled with patients in large urban areas, America was asked to stay inside for 2 weeks. “Flatten the Curve” was explained to ease the pressure on the US healthcare system. The stay at home request grew to a defendable month. The media performed poorly at defining the purpose of the curve. As with any Standard Deviation, the total number of persons under the curve is fixed. Clarification that “Flatten the Curve” was to spread out the illness and death, not reduce it’s spread took too long. Exposure was inevitable. Doctors tried to treat patients at all levels of COVID-19 disease and were met with stonewalling, de-platforming, loss of certifications and threats of malpractice. Their attempts to communicate their treatments to the public were met with ridicule. Pressure on doctors to NOT treat patients, and NOT discuss treatments caused death. When asked, Dr Fleming stated that the use of Hydroxychloroquine(HCQ) as a prophylactic was outside best practices. The only true preventative measure against viruses is a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and control of chronic inflammatory diseases. Off-label use of any drug was aggressively prohibited. There has been a lawsuit concerning the restrictive use of HCQ, but primarily to challenge that a doctor/patient relationship is personal and should not have greater prescriptive barriers than already exist. Diagnosis is fluid and human 

    EVENT 2021 breaks down the current treatment protocols which have had success with the COVID-19 disease. The Fleming Method for Tissue and Vascular Differentiation and Metabolism using same state single or sequential qualification comparisons (FMTVDM), developed by Dr Fleming, has been used to analyze treatments for COVID-19 patients through observable measured nuclear imaging.

    Inflammo-Thrombotic Response (ITR) and the 12 comorbid factors are charted and discussed in Event 2021. In the past, this was thought to be heresy in heart disease treatment. Bacteria and viruses can in fact cause inflammation and blood clotting resulting in death.

    Dr Fleming Event 2021 Presentation

    When the FDA adopted PCR testing of SARS-COV-2 as a viral spread fast tracker, they authorized  40+ CT (cycle threshold) to capture all viral loads. The test, according to the manufacturer, has zero value as a tracking test over 20 CT. PCR testing can find the genetic sequences of the virus SARS-COV-2, but the media defined it as demonstrating the presence of the disease COVID-19

    The inventor of PCR testing pushed back regarding the use of his patent at cycle thresholds higher than 20. The feud over PCR validity with Dr Fauci hails back to the AIDS crisis.

    Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) inventor Kary Mullis, regarding his challenge to debate Dr. Fauci Fauci didn’t want to have the debate because he only argues from AUTHORITY.” Mullis didn’t believe that there was a connection between HIV and AIDS and said they’re making this connection by misusing his testHe saidwe all have retroviruses and they’re, literally, blowing this way out of proportion.  They’re amplifying it a TRILLION times, that’s what a PCR cycle of 40 does.”  PCR testing is set in the patent not to exceed 20 cycles to have a valid result. See the cycle number graph here. 

    At a 40 cycle threshold (CT), false positives are prevalent, and States began to overreact to the reported numbers. The cycle rate for PCR testing has been ABOVE the design validation rate the entire time it was used to monitor SARS-COV-2 in the US. It was reduced to the patent authorized cycle rate in January 2021.

    Lockdowns which have no proven benefit, followed. A new slogan came out. “We are all in this together” It was stated on newscasts, posted on company FaceBook pages, and added to city web pages across the United States. Private sector pay was not protected. There is no reporting on government workers losing income, experiencing furloughs, or losing their jobs, which made the slogan ring hollow.

    Operation Warp Speed was the Trump Administration answer to streamline the vaccine clinical and approval process. It produced vaccines in record time, but only by eliminating all the time tested safeguards to humans along the way, according to Dr Fleming. His presentation explains these risks in vivid detail. In essence, the animal trials were statistically waived for expediency, and the normal human trial numbers were far below those needed in the past to approve any new drug or vaccine. Americans misunderstand the secure, validated processes the FDA drug certification requires, as we are accustomed to a new Flu shot every year, without an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). Dr Fleming explained that Flu vaccines are quickly created each year without violating the Scientific Method and NOT needing an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) because annual Influenza strains are in the same phylogenetic node. The FDA just announced revisions to the patient/provider fact sheets for the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines regarding the suggested increased risks of inflammation of the heart muscle and inflammation of the tissue surrounding the heart following vaccination The clinical animal and human trials completed before making the first Influenza vaccine protects the annual Influenza selection were not required for the COVID-19 vaccines as they were created under the EUA.

    Dr Fleming makes his case that the SARS-COV-2 virus is man made, illustrating in EVENT 2021 that the PRRA and HIV gp 120 were inserted intentionally.  PRRA, essential to human infection, is also a key feature of SARS-COV-2, and not in other coronaviruses found in nature. The SARS-COV-2 spike protein, HIV pseudovirus, and prion-like domain (receptor attachment) are all evidence of viral manipulation. Not found in nature.

    There is also a discussion of CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) a bioengineering patent that allows bacterial manipulation on the nuclear level, and awarded in 2012

    As world economies collapsed under the strain of lockdown, Dr Fleming confirmed that lockdowns and masks don’t work. He pointed out that medical professionals wear n95 masks, and there are NO clinical studies to date that prove any face covering recommended by the CDC for the public has any benefit to slow down a SARS-COV-2 viral spread. 

    Dr Li-Meng Yan, Hong Kong virologist speaks during EVENT 2021, and accuses the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) of involvement in bioweapon research at the Wuhan lab site, as well as intentionally releasing SARS-COV-2 into the population. She has made this assertion in the ibtimes as well.

    Most recently, Senator Rand Paul has officially asked for all CDC documents and communications concerning Gain-of-Function research related to the SARS-COV-2 virus.

    Dr Fleming highlighted a current debate. Who should voluntarily be vaccinated? A program that was once presented as voluntary now has some very firm pressure built in. Attending professional sporting events and concerts require vaccination in many States. Employers are pressuring employees to be vaccinated. There are discussions that travel restrictions will be put in place. Children will be pressured to vaccinate when the FDA approves the vaccine for child use. As stunning as the presentation was to this point, the realization that Americans have taken a vaccine, primarily out of fear “Don’t kill Grandma”, strikes close to home. Dr. Fleming documents that development of COVID-19 vaccines are clearly defined as a violation of AMA Informed Consent.

    Vaccine mandate also violates other international agreements

    The Nuremberg Code, created after the atrocities of the Third Reich in WWII, has clear language regarding the use of humans in medical experiments.

    The Helsinki Declaration of 1964 was last revised in October 2013, expressing the ethical principles protecting persons as subjects of medical research

    Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) Treaty “BWC was designed to ban biological weapons by prohibiting the development, production, and stockpiling of biological agents as well as related equipment and delivery systems that are intended for hostile use

    International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) Treaty. Article 7 of this treaty reads, “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. In particular, no one shall be subjected without his free consent to medical or scientific experimentation. Should anyone believe the United States is incapable of unethical acts toward its citizens, Dr Fleming discussed the Tuskegee Experiment.

    Taking Back Your Life

    In closing his presentation, Dr. Fleming seeks help from Americans to stop the experimentation on humans by filing a number of documents that are available on his website, using the dropdown EVENT 2021.You will find downloadable “Notice to Cease and Desist”, “Harassment” among others. These are useful tools to send to your Governor, Congress and the President of the United States.

    Dr. Fleming sounds an alarm with his presentation. As the days click by, more reports arise of issues with the vaccine. Reports of variants that are claimed to be resistant to vaccines. There are reports of blood clots from COVID-19 vaccinations. There are discussions that RNA self-amplifying gene therapy could shed from vaccinated to unvaccinated persons. More recently there have been reports of heart issues with younger vaccinated men.

    In the cloud of COVID-19 fear, there are current studies that show wearing a mask in the school environment is hazardous to children. In addition to pushback from parents due to concern for their children, science professionals are questioning the ethics of scientists who attack others in their field for questioning their work. Dr. Sapier, a medical contributor for FoxNews believes there is a “conflict of interest for virologists to issue statements dispelling the Wuhan Laboratory leak theory”(June 4, 2021, FoxNews)

    Given that fact Facebook has lifted the ban on discussions of a leak at the Wuhan Lab and a growing reality that vaccinated Americans appear to be in the “Experimental Group” of a macabre game of “hide the blame”, it’s time for citizens to take charge of their lives and stop this process before it damages future generations.

    At the very least, everyone should review Dr. Fleming’s data, and decide for themselves.

    Chris Bailey is a reporter-at-large of, a business owner, military veteran and long time resident of Camarillo

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    1 year ago

    MY opinion: Citizens Opinion doth protest too much. Move on.

    1 year ago

    Very disturbing what is going on right now, based on Control by spreading fear, we need dr Fleming and people like him to give us information based on knowledge.

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