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    SaveCalifornia Opposes All 7 Propositions On The November 8 Ballot

    By Clarence Chappell, Save California

    It’s become harder for good initiatives to make the California ballot. And it’s getting harder to vote for them too. But to defeat bad ballot measures, you’ve got to vote no on each one.

    Here’s why opposes all 7 propositions on the November 8 ballot:

    PROP 1: Puts the unlimited “right” to kill pre-born babies into the State Constitution
    NO on Prop. 1: This pro-abortion state constitutional amendment is an unnecessary, radical, and deceptive anti-children ploy by pro-abortion Democrat politicians to try to stir up pro-abortion voters. Yet if Prop. 1 passes, it would not expand “traditional” surgical or chemical abortions (current California law doesn’t impose any practical limits). Yet the California-based Right to Life League says Prop. 1 could result in unforeseen consequences, such as deregulating abortion, surrogacy, “egg selling,” and wiping out age and consanguinity rules on “sex” and “reproduction.” Realize if Prop. 1 fails, abortion “choice” would continue to be widely available. Vote no on the leftist spectacle of Prop. 1. Prevent the opening of Pandora’s Box and stop California from sending a horrible message to the world that we support killing innocent, pre-born babies in the womb.

    PROP 26: Increases gambling addictions on “tribal lands”
    NO on Prop. 26: Gambling is highly addictive and harms many vulnerable people. And the gambling scourge in California is growing: California currently has gambling compacts with 79 tribes and these “tribes” are operating 66 casinos in 28 of 58 California counties. Making a bad situation worse, Prop. 26, sponsored by the wealthy “Indian” gambling interests, would usher in the more-addictive, lose-your-money games of roulette, dice, and sports wagering. So many minds, livelihoods, and marriages have been ruined by gambling — and Prop. 26 would make the perpetrators all the richer. Don’t throw gasoline on the fire – vote no on 26.

    PROP 27: Increases gambling addictions throughout California — and beyond
    NO on Prop. 27: Again, with gambling, “the house always wins” and the broad majority of gamblers lose money and more. This rival proposition placed on the ballot by gambling interests would radically permit “online and mobile sports wagering” — so adults (and teenagers) can gamble at home or work — wherever there’s an internet connection. If you support pornography addictions, you’ll like this addictive, mind-destroying idea too. Because Prop. 27 would destroy marriages, families, children, not just in California, but worldwide. Stop this bomb from going off — vote no on 27.

    PROP 28: Throws more money at the corrupt, government school system
    NO on Prop. 28: Don’t be deceived — this is simply throwing more taxpayer money into the corrupt, children-ruining, non-academic government school system. Because instead of using existing funds for music and arts, union-controlled school districts could spend those existing funds to further indoctrinate and dumb down children. Consider that the educrats qualified Prop. 28 as a way to lock in nearly $1 BILLION more per year for “K-12 education.” Yet, instead of this deceitful proposition, the sponsors should have qualified one requiring the teaching of reading proficiency or requiring written parental consent for any teaching on “sex” or “health.” But the teachers’ unions controlling California’s government K-12 school system aren’t interested in either. Definitely vote no on Prop. 28.

    PROP 29: Decreases California kidney dialysis clinics, resulting in more deaths
    NO on Prop. 29: This bad idea is back again on the ballot for a third time. Vote no on Prop. 29 because the costly regulations it would impose will result in fewer private kidney dialysis clinics, which means needy Californians will unnecessarily die. Consider how Prop. 29 would jack up each clinic’s annual costs by “several hundred thousand dollars,” effectively closing down or reducing the hours of numerous clinic locations. As the California Legislative Analyst wrote: “Proposition 29 Increases Costs for Dialysis Clinics. Overall, the proposition would increase costs for clinics. In particular, the proposition’s requirement that each clinic have a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant on-site during all treatment hours would increase each clinic’s costs by several hundred thousand dollars annually on average.” What a destructive proposition. For the love of people, vote no on Prop. 29.

    PROP 30: Jacking up Californians’ income taxes and the cost of living
    NO on Prop. 30: This initiative would increase the state income tax on the wealthiest Californians to increase purchases of electric vehicles and to “prevent wildfires.” Why oppose this?

    First, California already has the highest maximum income tax of any state, with the top tier already paying 13.3%. To increase this by 1.75% will make the new tax of 15.05% intolerable to California’s wealthiest residents, who have both motivation and ability to move their official residence to a low- or no-income tax state (such as Nevada). The monetary source of Prop. 30 is therefore untenable and can easily fall apart. What’s more, when you raise taxes on some, prices increase for the rest. From the official Argument Against Proposition 30: “Californians already pay the highest state income taxes and highest gas taxes, one of the highest sales taxes, and grapple daily with among the highest costs of living in the nation. Prop. 30 will be the largest tax increase in California in over a decade—as utility rates skyrocket for homeowners and small businesses, and higher taxes get passed on to consumers.”

    Second, imposing different tax rates on different incomes is categorically unfair and is absolutely unbiblical. When the income tax rate is the same for everyone, those who earn more pay more. But the so-called “progressive” tax rates are unjust in that they actually punish you the more productive you are. Thus, increasing taxes on some people makes a bad problem even worse.

    Third, Prop. 30’s scheme promises generous (taxpayer-funded) rebates to buyers of electric vehicles without making any provision for their cars’ continuance. Consider that electric cars require large batteries, which require the “rare earth” mineral lithium — and China and Vietnam dominate the world’s known supply of rare earth minerals. If these communist countries stop supplying the U.S., electric car manufacturers would be crippled. Similarly, California’s electrical grid is unreliable. The Democrat-controlled state government has pursued so-called “green energy,” which cannot supply Californians with a cheap and stable supply of electricity. The recommended and even forced power shut-offs of this year and previous years demonstrate the grid’s weakness. The epitome of this was on the hot day of August 31, 2022, when California Independent System Operator (ISO) urged Californians not to charge their electric vehicles.

    Fourth, Prop. 30 won’t prevent wildfires as it claims. To do that, you’d have to target arsonists and neglectful hobos, and simultaneously haul 150 million dead trees out of California’s wilderness areas and aggressively thin out crowded groves of live trees and also dead and live brush, which currently provide tremendous fuel, turning small fires into “monster” fires. For all these reasons, vote no on the deceitful, thieving, wasteful Prop. 30.

    PROP 31: Giving the ruling Democrats power to destroy small businesses
    NO on Prop. 31: We don’t support the smoking of anything in your mouth because it damages one’s lungs. Yet we also believe people still have a right to smoke. Proposition 31 is a ballot referendum regarding a Democrat-authored bill, SB 793, which, in 2020, passed the Democrat-controlled Legislature and was signed by Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom. As written, SB 793 prohibited in-person stores and vending machines from selling most flavored tobacco products or tobacco product flavor enhancers. Yet it’s so hypocritical, since the Democrat politicians expanded marijuana big-time and also have lessened penalties on an assortment of hard drugs. Realize if Sacramento can ban one type of small business, they can ban more small businesses that don’t match their “woke” perspective. To “veto” SB 793 and strike back at the ruling Democrats’ war on liberty, vote no on Prop. 31, which if defeated, will publicly rebuke the tyrants.

    California’s official voter information guide (with Rob Bonta’s biased titles and summaries)

    Upcoming election dates:

    Sept. 29: First day for both the Secretary of State and 58 California counties to mail registered voters a voter information guide and a polling place notice.

    Oct. 10: Last day for individual counties to mail vote-by-mail ballots and packets.

    Oct. 11: First day for individual counties to open ballot drop-off locations.

    Oct. 24: Last day to register to vote (a voter registration application must be mailed, submitted online, or delivered to the county elections office by this date).

    Full election calendar
    At best, Prop 1 is unnecessary legislative virtue signaling designed to salute abortion. At worst, Prop 1’s broad scope could endanger public health and unleash unanticipated exploitation of women and children. Voters in California would be wise to reject such a sweeping change to the state constitution.
    Right to Life League is part of Campaign for Children and Families, a statewide 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working, leading, and fighting for your rock-solid values and hard-won liberties since 1999. Your confidential, tax-deductible gift of any size empowers our work for your family and other families, and reaches Californians with important facts the Big Media won’t report. Thank you for standing with us!



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