SB54 Sanctuary State protesters urge receptive Camarillo Council to Oppose it

By George Miller

Opponents of the SB54 Sanctuary state bill  lined up outside Camarillo City Hall before and during the meeting in what a local organizer described as a protest against SB54 to urge the City Council to act against it. But the real action was a much larger group inside at the meeting and a gratifyingly, to them, receptive council, which directed the City Attorney to research the legalities and report back to them for discussion at the next meeting.

Meeting agenda, minutes, video

Some anti SB54 protesters at 4-25-18 Camarillo City Council meeting. Photo: Marc Langsam/


Mayor Charlotte Craven led the assembly in singing God Bless America- a bit of a culture shift from most other regional councils.

To the frustration of speakers and protesters, the Council hadn’t placed this item on the agenda for discussion or action, so this action and multiple speakers on it, were intended to get the council to think harder about doing this. Approximately 60 SB54 protesters showed up. 15-20 spoke to the council and a few submitted written comments. No pro-SB54 advocates spoke. There has been quite a bit off of-line engagement with Council members as well. Their efforts were partially rewarded.

Even a couple of LA activists were at the meeting to support their Ventura County allies.

All the pieces came together this week. We are gaining momentum an our opponents are scared. Activist Arthur Schaper

Well-known LA immigration activist Arthur Schaper, at -25-18 Camillo Council meetingwith his ever-present live streaming camera. Photo: Linda Orosco‎

Mayor Charlotte Craven from Camarillo City Website

According to meeting attendees Tony Dolz and contested VC Sheriff candidate Bruce Boyer, the Council was receptive to opposing SB54, but wanted the legalities researched. This was assigned to the City Attorney and a target date of the next meeting was set for discussion (but no commitment was made) . Boyer opined that Council Member Mike Morgan and Mayor Charlotte Craven seemed especially receptive to doing this.

Dist, 26 Congressional candidate Jeff Burum informed me that Mke Morgan had told  him earlier that he was in favor of putting SB54 options on the agenda.

The speaker messages weren’t too different from what we have reported at other meetings. Watch the public comments section when the video comes out (link is above). In summary, speakers addressed the unconstitutionality/illegality, public safety concerns and expense of Sb54  adherence.

More from Tony Dolz:

At the end of the Public Comment period, Mike Morgan attempted to raise a motion to have the City Attorney look into the legal options for the City in regards to SB-54.

The Mayor, Charlotte Craven interjected and told Mike Morgan could not raise a motion, but that he could make suggestion.  Mike then desisted on the motion and instead asked the Mayor to request that the City Attorney look into the legal options.   The City Attorney then addressed the Councilmembers and told them that he would conduct a study of the options and present those options by the next City Council meeting.   From the tone of the meeting and Mike Morgan’s request and by the tone of the City Attorney’s commitment to conduct a study, subjectively, it looked promising to me.

I believe about 15 people spoke in favor of Camarillo to do one of various things, including possibly a “Stay of Enforcement”, an Amicus brief or other.    The were no speaker in support of the City honoring SB-54.


Some anti-SB54 activists outside Camarillo Council Chambers before 4-25-18 meeting. Photo: Marc Langsam/

It appears that local people have been urging councils to resist SB54 in eight of the ten cities in Ventura County, supplemented by people from other cities, who help each other out. There have been a couple of appearances at County Board of Supervisors meetings as well. So far, only Simi Valley has taken action against it. Unlike their pro-sanctuary opposition on the left, they do not have much support from larger partisan activist groups.

Camarillo City Council 4-25-18. Photo: Linda Orusco.


Some anti SB54 protesters at 4-25-18 Camarillo City Council meeting. Photo: Marc Langsam/


George Miller is Publisher/Co-Founder of and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard.

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2 Responses to SB54 Sanctuary State protesters urge receptive Camarillo Council to Oppose it

  1. Toni Webster May 1, 2018 at 7:07 am

    The energy level was excellent and true USA! Thank you for your leadership.

  2. Arthur Schaper April 26, 2018 at 5:33 pm

    received from Arthur Schaper

    my comment for Citizen Journal about Camarillo:

    The residents of Camarillo and allies from surrounding cities and counties showed great restraint and resolve before the Camarillo City Council.

    The city had issued a letter by unanimous vote to oppose SB 54 when the bill was still going through the state legislature.

    Now they need to oppose the law, file a separate lawsuit or an amicus curae brief with the Huntington Beach lawsuit against the state of California, and they must issue a “stay of compliance”, asserting that the city will still regard the federal law on immigration matters until the federal courts finally resolve this issue.

    Mayor Craven’s decision to open the meeting by inviting everyone to sing “God Bless America” was truly moving. During public comment, the city council attentively heard the concerns of 20 speakers who opposed SB 54 and demanded action from the city council to oppose the terrible Sanctuary State law.

    Around 60 people attended the meeting, and not one person spoke in favor of SB 54.

    Ventura County patriots are truly inspiring, and more California citizens across the state need to follow their example.


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