SCE – Power Shutoff – Electrical Circuits Countywide

Southern California Edison LNO Circuit List with Periods of Concern Chart 
As of Tuesday 10/29/2019 Circuit List All Counties Report #1 at 11:00
Period of Concern
County Incorporated City/Cities Unincorporated Communities/Areas Circuit(s) Circuit Notification Status 10/29 Tuesday 10/30 Wednesday
Ventura Fillmore Sespe Village; Keith Oak Village ANGUS Update  0900-1800
Ventura Moorpark ANTON Update 0900-1800
Ventura Simi Valley APPLETON Update 0600-1200
Ventura Santa Paula Badsdale ; Lotus Canyon BALCOM De-energized 10/28 07:36 0900-1800
Ventura Fillmore Bardsdale ; South of Cavin  BARRINGTON Update 0900-1800
Ventura Simi Valley Santa Susana Knolls BIG ROCK Update 0900-1800
Ventura Simi Valley BRAND Initial 0900-1200
Ventura Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks , Moorpark Bard Reservoir BRENNAN Update
Ventura Fillmore Buckhorn, Piru, Cavin, Camulos BUCKHORN Update 0900-2100
Ventura Burro Flats ; Bell Canyon BUFFER Update 0900-1800
Ventura Ventura, Simi Valley BURLESON Initial 0600-1200
Ventura Santa Paula Fagan Canyon, Limoneira CADWAY Update
Ventura Ventura Wadstrom; Ortonville; Weldons; Foster Park CANET Update 1200-1500
Ventura Simi Valley CASSIDY Update 0900-1200
Ventura Santa Paula CASTRO and related circuit McKEVETT Re-energized
10/29 10:05
Ventura Moorpark COLLINS Initial 0900-1200
Ventura Camarillo, Somis DONLON Update 0900-1800
Ventura Moorpark, Simi Valley ENCHANTED Update 0900-2100
Ventura Simi Valley Santa Susana Mountains ENERGY De-energized
10/28 04:32
Ventura Moorpark, Simi Valley ERRINGER Initial 0600-1200
Ventura Camarillo El Rio, Santa Susana Mountains ESTABAN Update 0900-1800
Ventura Moorpark EVERETT Update
Ventura Camarillo Camarillo Grove County Park EVITA Update
Ventura Moorpark GABBERT Update 0900-1800
Ventura Solromar, Sycamore Cove, and along Yerba Buena Road GALAHAD Update 1800-0000
Ventura Simi Valley GILLIBRAND Update 2100-0000
Ventura Simi Valley GLASSCOCK Initial 0900-1200
Ventura Camulos GUITAR Update
Ventura Moorpark JANSS Averted
Ventura Simi Valley KUEHNER Update 0900-0000
Ventura Santa Paula MCKEVETT Update 1500-1800
Ventura Santa Paula Saticoy MIDDLE ROAD Update 1200-1500
Ventura Simi Valley MONARCH Update 0600-1200
Ventura Simi Valley MONTGOMERY Update 0600-1200
Ventura Simi Valley MORELAND Initial 0900-1200
Ventura Simi Valley North of Mountclef Village MORGANSTEIN Update 0900-1500
Ventura Ventura PEARCE Averted
Ventura Santa Paula Limon PETIT De-energized
10/28 04:26
Ventura Santa Paula East of Kevet PYLE Update 0900-1800
Ventura North of Somis and Lagol RAINBOW Update 0900-1800
Ventura Leesdale ; Point Mugu Naws ; Point Mugu State Park RAMAC and related circuit PANCHITO Update
Ventura Simi Valley North of Strathern REJADA Update 0900-1800
Ventura South of Brock Hills Open Space RICARDO Update
Ventura Ventura Foster Park, Weldons, Ortonville, Wadstrom SAN NICHOLAS Update 1200-1500
Ventura Simi Valley  Santa Susana   STEARNS Update 2100-0000
Ventura Moorpark Rustic Canyon Golf Course STRATHERN Update 0900-1800
Ventura Simi Valley Santa Susana TAPO Update 0900-1500
Ventura Ojai THACHER Update 0600-1200
Ventura Filmore and Santa Paula Unincorporated areas north of Hwy 126 TIMBER CANYON and related circuit SESPE Update 0900-1500
Ventura Simi Valley TOWNSHIP Initial 0600-1200
Ventura Simi Valley Santa Susana south of Hwy 118 TWIN LAKES Update 0600-0000
Ventura Thousand Oaks WHITECLIFF Update
Ventura Simi Valley YOSEMITE Update 0900-0000
Ventura Moorpark Unincorporated Areas of Santa Rosa ZONE Update 0900-1800

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