School Choice Summit – February 2nd in Pasadena

Please join concerned parents, principals, pastors and community leaders on Saturday, February 2nd at the Romanesque Room in Old Town Pasadena for the School Choice 2020 Summit.  We will be discussing the “School Choice Initiative” and strategy for ballot qualification.

The Romanesque Room
50 E Green St, Pasadena, CA 91105

Saturday, February 2, 2019
9am – 12pm

Parking is available across the street
at 33 E Green St.
(free for 90 minutes)

Coffee, refreshments & light snacks

It is long past time that control of education be returned to the parents. Public schools have become little more than leftist indoctrination centers, contrary to their claims of excellence. They reject God and the very idea of America. They usurp the role of parents in the rearing of children.

Despite receiving $74 billion per year from the state (almost half the state budget!), California public schools now rank 48th in the nation.  And now LAUSD teachers are threatening to strike if they don’t get more from California taxpayers! They demand that funds going to privately operated charter schools be siphoned back to them. In other words, they can’t compete.

California taxpayers spend roughly $16,000 per year per student on public education. It’s time to put that money in the hands of California families, giving them the choice of where to educate their children.

The “School Choice 2020” initiative proposes an amendment to the California State Constitution which will establish an “Education Savings Account” for every California student.  The key features of the initiative are as follows:

  • An Education Savings Account will be created for every school age (K-12) child in California.
  • On August 1 of each year the State of California will deposit into that account a sum equal to the average amount spent by the state on each school age child.
  • This money can be used to attend a school chosen by the parents.  The child can remain at the current public school or attend an accredited charter, private or parochial school.
  • Any money not used for tuition can be accumulated and used for other qualified educational expenses and/or saved and used for college and/or post-high school vocational training.

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