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    School Curriculum Radical Left Reveal draws SRO crowd in Westlake Village

    by Chris Bailey

    23 July 2021, Thousand Oak, Westlake Village Ventura County

    Katherine Strange coordinated the Raising Awareness of Childhood Education event that packed the Novo Cafe’ on Monday, July 19th to capacity. The purpose? To educate parents and the public-at-large about Critical Race Theory, the push to force “Teen Talk” sex education into our schools, and the extent that the Left will go to force their Socialist agenda on our youth. The event had a number of education professionals, a therapist who specializes in the trauma of gender identity and the effect the lockdown had on children of all ages. 

    Teacher Tiffany Wilder presented Grading for Equity, a slide presentation on Equity Grading. Ms.Wilder defined Critical Race Theory, exposed their claim that the United States Constitution is racist, and gave examples how teachers can use the curriculum to destroy the merit system currently used in education and replace it with a system with equal outcomes, eliminating individual achievement in students. Ms. Wilder’s presentation is here.  For readers who don’t believe this concern over curriculum is timely and eminent, the Conejo Valley School District Resolution on the topic can be read here.  A similar public outrage toward the Conejo Valley School District happened in June 2021, and can be reviewed here 

    Teacher James Cook revealed a slide presentation which was shocking with regard to stick figure sex position cards that are represented in currently proposed Sex Education curriculum throughout the Country. The complete Health-Connected curriculum can be viewed at Teen Talk. Melodee Smith, another concerned Conejo Valley Unified School District teacher discussed issues she and other teachers have with the Equity Education programs currently in place in the CVUSD. The school district has an entire department dedicated to the curriculum. See Equity Committees

    Former 2016-2020 Orange Unified School District School Board member and teacher of 25 years Brenda Lebsack presented a 20 minute talk on the current curriculum which actually confuses gender identity. Brenda’s YouTube video on the subject can be viewed here. A slide presentation is available for those who are interested by contacting her directly by clicking on her name in this article.

    Dr. Shannae Anderson PhD discussed transgenderism in the context of the Transgender Agenda

    She reviewed QUEER THEORY and it’s claim to liberate individuals from the norms of sexuality. This theory defines traditional sexual identity as oppressive, arbitrary and erasable. A biography of Dr. Anderson can be found here

    Santa Barbara Aviation owner Sheridan Rosenberg gave a presentation about the strong parallels between the Critical Race Theory curriculum in Santa Barbara schools and cults. Students are groomed during school hours at school sponsored rallies, and used as pawns at school board meetings. She revealed the Just Communities Central Coast agenda is to label all heterosexual, Christian, Caucasian, traditional family role, and traditional gender role groups as privileged. See Ms. Rosenberg’s filing of her declaration concerning her FAIR Education lawsuit. 

    The R.A.C.E. movement is fighting for parents to have more of a say in their child’s education and pushing back against Sacramento’s liberal agenda. Katherine Strange has asked that those who want to learn more or get involved in the organization can contact the organization at 

    Chris Bailey is a reporter-at-large of, a business owner, military veteran and long time resident of Camarillo

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    William Hicks
    William Hicks
    1 year ago

    Please share this with those who have children in school, both public and private.,

    George Miller
    1 year ago

    Chris’ article is “politically incorrect” but morally correct.

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