Second Holocaust? CDC Covid Camps Have No Plans To Allow Healthy People To Leave


(Natural News) There is a very clear pattern beginning to form with the American government’s Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) agenda. We have seen this pattern before, perhaps most recently with World War II and the infamous concentration camps where the “unclean” were sent to be “sanitized.”

This time around, a scary virus from China (or Fort Detrick?) is the excuse for hauling off the “dangerous” to internment facilities where they can be “cleansed” of the virus and released back into society – or will they?

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has introduced a “Green Zone” plan that involves “shielding” certain people in “humanitarian settings” in order to protect against Chinese Virus infection. Reading between the lines, though, reveals that there is absolutely nothing humanitarian about any of it.

The “interim” plan from the CDC, as we reported, involves relocating and isolating individuals to supposedly “stop the spread” of the Fauci Flu. This sounds eerily similar to the Nazi propaganda back in the 1930s.

“This is merely the kick-off as we have yet to see the end plan – or have we?” asks the Monkey Werx blog.

The CDC’s plan, it adds, “begins with home isolation, then quickly goes to the neighborhood level, and then into camps.”

We have already seen the home isolation phase, soon to be followed by the neighborhood-level phase which will have to involve some kind of external policing and enforcement. There will also need to be routes for sending food and supplies with no movement in or out of the “green zones” without permission.

“Just like Dachau,” Monkey Werx explains, referring to one of the World War II death camps, “they will have one entry point which will be used to exchange food and supplies and bring in the infected, and there will be no movement inside or outside the green zone.”

“According to the plan, inside the neighborhood and camps, they will separate children and genders. One thing that is glaringly missing in this plan is the exit of healthy people; it isn’t even mentioned.”

In order to “save lives,” many will have to die

The way the CDC will know who to capture and take away to one of the “green zones” is by using contact tracing apps, the operating platforms for which have already been installed on people’s “smart” phones.

The government will determine who is “clean” and who is “unclean” and act accordingly. With this will come the infamous “Great Reset” as planned by World Economic Forum (WEF) chairman Klaus Schwab.

Think one-world currency, one-world government, and one-world religion, just like the Bible foretold would happen. It will be like World War II on steroids, with the targets being not just Jews but the entirety of humanity – a global genocide utilizing all of the technology that was developed after the war.

The world is already on the brink of collapse so the timing is perfect for World War III, almost like it was planned this way all along. As the dominoes continue to fall in rapid succession, it will become even clearer how serious this all is – but at that point it will already be too late to do anything about it.

“Remember folks, this has absolutely NOTHING to do with a vaccine,” Monkey Werx warns. “This is about ushering in their new world order which will ultimately be the beast system as described in Revelation 13. That is why none of this makes any sense when it comes to getting the vaccine.”

“Between Klaus’ Great Reset, the rollout of the CDC Green Zone plan, the coordinated virus tracking, and world leaders who are all stating we need a one-world solution, we seem to be headed down a very slippery slope of not only repeating history, but repeating it on an unprecedented scale.”

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Timothy Terry

There will be a big resistence

R Johnson

Nobody has yet actually ISOLATED SARS/CoV-2 utilizing Koch’s Postulates to PROVE it’s existence. It exists only in silico, (in a computer SIMULATION). FOI requests from around the world have been returned to the senders with the SAME results. They have no information proving the existence thereof.


Every Generation gets dumber and dumber, you can’t send your kids to school anymore, the agenda is pacification, “Don’t hate,” so you have no reason to question, “Don’t go outside or travel,” so that you can’t see the complete extent of what’s going on, “Don’t watch anything else than the approved material,” so that you lessen your chances of predicting our actions, “Oh and don’t forget to turn in people you love for wanting to dissent,” because they don’t matter only we the government matter, you don’t need to be afraid, “Trust me, guy!” If I would use it to control somebody then, so will they, but without healthy resistance, there is no one to set or maintain the bar!


This is beyond disturbing


This is why I refuse to contact trace. I’ve told everyone I know to never mention my name. If I get it, I would rather die at home than to go to the hospital. So done with this communism


I’m not understanding your opinion. What does this article have to do with communism, an economic system in which the means of production are publicly owned?


Publicly owned? By which public, the 1%? Yeah, they’ve been so generous thus far, I really believe their just gonna fling open their wallets and give you everything they have. I hope you enjoy your toothbrush breaking every time you brush your teeth and not being able to get another for 6 months, that’s communism buddy, oh and you better get all your favorite shows condensed into your one hour a day internet privilege’s and I hope you maintain your car really good because your only gonna have one per family. Don’t forget to get a dog, your gonna be hungry by the end of each month.


I still don’t understand your opinion, other than covid is bad and communism is bad so therefore they must be the same thing???

I guess your body odor must be communism too, huh?


You don’t understand that locking people up who haven’t committed a crime is Communist? Would you lock up the Mentally Handicap and the physically disabled as well? How about the Jewish? Blacks too? I don’t really see a difference between any of these things, all are wrong and they lower the bar of Humanity, communism or not, it’s wrong! If you still don’t understand, well then I’m sorry, I cannot force you to understand, because that would also be wrong, but you still can’t step on my toes, wether you understand the reason or not, because I am going to fight you if you try! It is the only right thing to do in response to that situation.


Dude you are cray cray


Problem is you don’t make any sense. Communism is an economic system. It doesn’t have an opinion one way or the other about locking people up. Maybe you’re confusing Communism with Authoritarianism.

Don’t know, but your problem not mine.


Thomas makes perfect sense. The problem is you’re insincere and don’t even care to try to understand. I understand where he’s coming from but I’m a bit more measured and don’t just open the flood gates of negative associations. I also am measured because I understand you, whether or not you believe me, so I don’t care to cast the proverbial “pearls before swine”. Most people like you, when offered a short video that more expertly explains something like this, have an abundance of excuses to not watch it. So, all that being said, feel free to replace “camps” with “gulags”. While murdering 150,000,000 people, Communists, throughout history were known to imprison political prisoners in gulags until they died or were too old or weak to matter. That’s why the association of that “economic system” often comes to mind when any mention of coerced encampment arises.

And Communism is not merely an economic system where the means of production are publicly owned. Dream on. There are oligarchs, a ruling class, infested w corruption, and the individual is nothing but an expendable insect to the state. That is what people like Thomas and I are trying to prevent here in the U.S. Hopefully, you’ll get over the fear that makes you a nanny stater and that drives you into the “loving” arms of government and, instead, do as the founding fathers suggested, and have a healthy MISTRUST of it. I pray you will.

Last edited 23 days ago by SamFreedom
Charlie Balzonya

you won’t own anything. They will take the unvaccinated and kill them. The people who were vaccinated most of them will die also in a 2 to 3 year plan. They will keep making stuff up like the phrase “”Breakthru cases”” which is total bullshit. Lets call it what it is. Its your vaccines thats failing and making the people sick. There goal is to have a population of 500 million worldwide. Right now there’s 9 billion. They have a lot of killing to do. It will be a one world religion,,language,,currency,,army. Ever notice the small apartment buildings they keep building on top of one another. Reason why u won’t have private property. All the urban properties will be over taken and you will live in a 1 bedroom apartment and will bus or bike to school. No more cars or trucks either. Why do u think they passed the law that they can melt your body into sludge after you die?? and use it for fertilizer for our crops. The pieces are all falling into place and nobody is doing a dam thing about it. Oh yeah you won’t have your children either. They will be government property and probably trafficked as slaves to these sick %$#@. If any of you think this is crazy in what im saying and that it won’t happend then your one dumb ignorant fool. It will happend and it will be you idiot sheep to blame because you did nothing to stop it but did everything to stop the people that are awake. When your on your way to the Guillotine or the gas boxed cars then you will understand and see thr big picture but it will be to late by then. That is when we beat your asses to death for being ignorant and destroying our once great free nation. Yes Free but lately you dumb sheep keep giving away more or your freedom and liberties for the false promise of keeping you safe.