Secrets and Howls by Jennifer J. Brown – a Book Review

SecretsAndHowlsCoverSecrets & Howls: A Wolf’s Head Bay Mystery

Synopsis from Amazon:

June 1978. Wolf’s Head Bay is gearing up for festivities to celebrate the Fourth of July and the anniversary of the town’s founding. Both are taking a backseat to the controversy surrounding the new housing development at the town’s entrance. A mass grave was discovered during the initial groundbreaking and all construction was halted. When the initial examinations revealed that it was decades old, a team of forensic anthropologists was brought in to find clues to the dead. Meantime, after more than ten years away, Marita ‘Marty’ Brye moves into the family house she had inherited on her eighteenth birthday. Uneasy about renewing her strained familial relationships, Marty finds photographs hidden under a floorboard, receives a package from an old friend and seeks to come to terms with her mother’s death. And like the mass grave, the secrets Marty unearths lead back further into the past than she had anticipated.

This is a wonderful book full of surprises and suspense.  I am not personally a fan of Werewolf fantasies but the characters were so compelling and real that I was totally caught up in this mystery/fantasy.  The setting in a small northern California coastal town was a perfect composite of many I have personally visited and was a rich backdrop for this compelling story.  After about 10 pages it became difficult  to put this novel down even when sleep was pulling.  There is action and suspense and even an amazing surprise ending that was totally unexpected.  I am not going to tell any of the story as that it a treat reserved for the reader.

Jennifer J. Brown will be writing under the name JJ Brown.  I look forward to the sequels and future novels from this new author.

David Stewart is retired from tech industry and is now IT director for Citizens Journal, so not exactly as retired as he’d like to be.


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