See Life 2020 gives message of hope, restoration; Seeks donations to purchase ultrasound machines

By Michael Hernandez

COLORADO SPRINGS—”Margaret Sanger was a racist and in 1942 her American Birth Control League became Planned Parenthood and she got a lot of help from the U.S. Supreme Court in 1973 with the passing of Roe v. Wade,” said Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood Bryan, Texas clinic director before becoming a pro-life activist after resigning in October, 2009 when she viewed an ultrasound guided abortion. Abby is the author of “Unplanned” (2011) which was made into a 2019 movie and also “The Walls Are Talking: Former Abortion Clinic Workers Tell Their Stories” (2016). Johnson had two abortions. She now has seven children.

“We have 60 million abortions since then (Roe v. Wade) and while the African American population makes up only 13 percent of the U.S. population, we have lost 18 million Black children,” said Candace Owens, a conservative political Black activist.  “The most unsafe place for a Black child is not the streets but in the mother’s womb. Abortion is murder.”

“When we did our Alive from New York rally, the protesters were there, but the city fell silent when the world saw and heard the ultrasounds of an unborn child,” said Jim Daly, President of Focus on the Life which produced the See Life 2020, a one-hour video production that aired Sept. 26.

“A baby is not a blob of tissues,” said civil rights activist Alveda King. “When does personhood begin?   I marched for civil rights. If we value human personhood, you do not kill people. Civil rights, begins in the womb.”          

“I survived an abortion, my twin did not,” said Melissa Ohden, an abortion survivor. “My mother did not want to be pregnant so we end up at a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic. When I survived, I suffered respiratory problems, seizures and heart defects. I was meant to be delivered dead. Today, I am a social worker, teacher, writer. Without my life, none of this would have been possible.”

“It is time to share the truth of life. We need to help the blind see. We need to be a voice for those who can’t see,” said Jim Daly.  “If we can show the world ultrasounds, we can change heart and minds.”

“By seeing life, you can save one life at time,” said See Life 2020 co-host Benjamin Watson (former NFL player). Others appearing on the show included: Jeanne Mancini (co-host; also with March for Life), Mike Singletary (NFL), Christina Bennett (Family Institute), Greg Smalley (Focus on the Family), Lila Rose (Live Action) and recording artists Phil Stacey, Selah, Phil King, Danny Gokey, and Meredith Andrews.

The See Life 2020 show also featured the “Will I?” video which has received 1.5 million views. The show can still be seen on demand by going to YouTube or Facebook.

Focus On The Family is buying ultrasound machines for Pregnancy Life Centers which can be purchased with a donation of $60. Currently, donations are being matched. Some 154,361 individuals have signed the Pledge to #LoveEveryHearbeat. Those wishing to sign the petition or seeking to donate can go to:

Michael Hernandez, Co-Founder of the Citizens Journal—Ventura County’s online news service; editor of the History Makers Report and founder of History Makers International—a community nonprofit serving youth and families in Ventura County, is a former Southern California daily newspaper journalist and religion and news editor. He worked 25 years as a middle school teacher in Monrovia and Los Angeles Unified School Districts. Mr. Hernandez can be contacted by email at [email protected].

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