Seeking truth is more than a noble purpose— A citizens duty—A call to become History Makers!





The first-ever Citizens Journal editorial!

By Michael Hernandez

June, doctor 2013

            The Citizens Journal believes seeking truth is more than a noble purpose—A citizens duty—A call to become History Makers!

History Makers International has the charge to transform cities by raising up individuals and families that wish to become History Makers in their communities and nation.  History Makers are culture shapers and culture creators.

The mission of our Citizens Journal is to engage citizens in seeking truth and becoming History Makers!

We have a vision for a Citizens Journalist Network that is engaged in “seeking truth” and that trains and engages citizens in advocacy and in citizens journalism.

History Makers International is working to create an alternative news organization that citizens can believe for their news and feature stories while reading “diverse”  viewpoints.

Truth is at the core of the Citizens Journalist Network—which reflects “balanced” and not “slanted” reporting.  The Citizens Journal is “ethical, fair and balanced.”  These are the fundamental or core values that birthed journalism and that all journalists were trained to appreciate and strive for in a “bygone era.”

History Makers believes that “informed citizens” will make the “right choices.”  The problems we face in our communities is that citizens today receive information from “biased” or “untruthful sources” that bring about “confusion, cynicism, and unbelief.”  The “fourth estate” no longer exists.  Many journalists no longer seek truth.  Most journalists are no longer “watchdogs” for liberty and freedom.

Three core values of the Citizens Journal are:  1) Free Press  2)  Fair Taxation and 3) Excellent Education.  Prior to its launch, a group of more than 30 citizen activists have expressed a desire to see a news operation established in Ventura County to provide a “news and editorial alternative” to the “established news media.”

Our organizational effort that involves training volunteers has taken six months for us to launch a local news and editorial operation.  During that time, our organizational efforts have sparked interest from other counties in California and in other States.

We believe that a network of county news and editorial operations throughout California can be developed that will impact regions and make a difference in local communities.

The distinctive that makes us different from other efforts around the nation is that we are committed to developing a news operation “and not serve as just another blogging platform expressing viewpoints from the same perspective.”

Those engaged in the Citizens Journalists Network are “building America” and “not bringing it down.”  Citizens Journalists are leading a “citizens movement” where citizens are challenged to “become engaged” (It’s Your Backyard) in their communities, State and Nation—not leaving communities in the “hands of elected officials” who continually fail to represent them.

The day when Americans could live their lives by working hard and trusting their elected officials and policy makers to do what is right is over!

We are “fed up” with the “crisis of credibility” that exists in Washington D.C. and in Sacramento and even in many of our local communities.   We believe this is the hour of accountability to citizens.

The new reality is that American citizens must now “go the extra mile” and be engaged in their communities and in their nation as well as take care of themselves and their families.  This model of trusting others to work on your behalf (whether the President or your elected officials) no longer exists.

The new model does not work because it is “self-centered” based on one man’s rule over another.  The new model does not work because it is based on “entitlements” (“taking what is not yours”) and is also based on “big, inefficient government programs” which “equalize the playing field,” independent of individual effort or character.

Systems and bureaucracies are in charge of people’s fate.  Truth is not “absolute” but is “relative.” Truth is what leaders proclaim it to be.  Today, has become the “day of the big lie.”  Some leaders believe, if they repeat something enough times, citizens will believe “the lies.”

The model established during the time of our nation’s founders was based on citizens living by shared values and principles based on love of neighbor, community and nation.

The Citizens Journal believes in reporting news in a balanced manner while training and engaging citizens in advocacy and in citizens journalism.

We believe in “open debate” and “two-way communication.”   We seek to engage citizens of all perspectives—liberal to conservative.   We desire to be “your media choice.”

Our Citizens Journal website is www.CitizensJournal.US.  The monthly print publication will be free and you will be able to access some of our website free.  However, if you believe in what we are doing, we need you to support us with an online subscription ($52/year).       Show us your support by subscribing.  Inquire about sponsorship and advertising opportunities.  We also take tax deductible donations to support this cause at History Makers International.

History Makers believes that citizens can solve problems when given “facts” from all sides of an issue.  The Citizens Journal intends to be a “ray of hope” to the citizens of our communities.  We believe that Ventura County, California, and the United States can return to greatness, if we are willing to tell the “stories” that make people think; that inspire; that transform Americans.

We will see America rise up again as a great nation and world power.  The choice is ours.  Let’s go forth!

Seeking truth is more than a noble purpose—A citizens duty—A call to become History Makers!

Michael Hernandez is editor of the Citizens Journal.

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