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    Self Determination


    by Dan Reynolds and Naomi Fisher

    Our society has changed so fast over such a short time.

    The reason is: Fear.

    At one time we could control what went into our body, where were given the option to buy health aids, even decide whether to go to the doctor or hospital. We didn’t have to think about it. We just did it. Heck in the old days before cars doctors came to our homes like in the old TV Westerns series. Now we are being told by our Government we HAVE to be vaccinated, and Doctors no longer are allowed by some Health Insurance companies to visit your home….its just not covered!

    Is it true that Hospitals are demanding we be vaccinated or have a Covid test within 72 hours – even if we go to emergency?

    Is it true that some Hospitals are refusing caring for patients if the patient is not vaccinated?

    The Government and the media are telling the world that if we don’t get a vaccination we are pariahs! That we do not care about anyone but ourselves by spreading Covid and Heaven knows what else to the rest of the world! People are calling for our imprisonment and even our death.

    So have to ask: If a person has Covid and has no symptoms and has been vaccinated then they can spread Covid too right?

    The claims are that if a person is not vaccinated, does not have Covid or Covid like symptoms then that person is somehow magically responsible for spreading Covid ? The Hospitals in California are proving that their Medical Staff who have Covid but show no signs of Covid Symptoms are allowed to work in the Hospital. So, how does this fear mongering, and mob mentality make any sense?

    Frankly it doesn’t. We wonder if it is, by all accounts the worst Public Relations Marketing Campaign by Big Pharma against anyone who did not submit their own personal body to Big Pharma’s World Profiteering Experiment?

    To reiterate the CDC, Big Pharma and the FDA via the enslaved news media made claims that even if you are vaccinated that somehow you will magically get covid from someone who is not vaccinated. Seriously? This is literally the same type of fear mongering that started WWII. 

    Don’t believe me? Then take a day or two and read the propaganda that took place all through Europe that was conquered by the Nazi Regime, and compare the messaging of today verses the messaging back then ! Does this not violate the Nuremberg Code?

    First of all: This is just plain stupid. We are supposed to be an educated Nation. Any intelligent individual knows you have to be sick to spread a disease.

    Second: With this “Pandemic” cruising the world any intelligent individual who is not feeling completely normal will not go outside, will certainly not risk contaminating others. – But considering how the Dems and Federal personnel participated in burning buildings and destroying small businesses across the USA without reprisal…I don’t know how many people I can call intelligent these days. 🙁

    Is it true that we have Intelligence Personnel and Federal Employees who are paid by certain companies to spread fear, or infect others, or get people to infiltrate federal buildings during a protest in an attempt to get the people to take over their own Government by force? Does it not make sense they would do the same here with this Covid passport and vaccination mandates?

    But no one listening to mainstream media seems to make this connection. After all, Two Governors Committed Genocide in the Nursing Homes with Covid and the best the main stream media could do was oust one of them via sexual crimes while the other got paid by Teachers Unions and Prison Guard Unions to get him re-elected. I guess they must’ve had family members they truly late the Nursing Homes? So for these two Governors it was a win win situation?

    Government officials, media reporters – both of whom are supposed to care for our Nation’s people have instead whipped our populace into a frenzy by spouting Lies, demanding that no one has a right to choose anything for themselves. There are organizations, teachers, and clubs who are choosing your child’s sexual preferences either in person or through social media without giving our child’s body a chance to fully mature and mentally mature to make that decision for themselves. 

    Then of course, others are going to tell you what is best for you based off stock portfolio’s and quarterly dividends, information necessary to spread fear to get you to do what is best for their stock market value. While others are doing this fear mongering because it be-suits their social media status ego, clicks, likes and subscribes!

    Far too many people were NOT given a choice. Their personal rights were stripped from them making them submit to the drug companies experiments under real fear from threat of death, threat of losing an income, threat of not being able to shop, threat of not being able to get an education, or attend their school of choice, threat of not being able to travel, threat of not being able to attend a public event….they lost the right of personal freedom according to these measures that are forced upon our nation in the name of Fauci and his Vaccine monarchy; forced in the name of many Big Pharma Lobbying Firms, in the name of Big Pharma, and in the name of Dividend Share Holders – those who laughingly stripped our Citizens of their freedom to choose to live and ake decisions for themselves!

    If you are unvaccinated and do not have Covid you cannot spread Covid. It is impossible and Fauci knows this as fact. Because it is Science. But then again Fauci in his great Delusion of Grandeur tried to define himself as Science and thus is truly Delusional – which is an understatement.

    What is worse is there are Public Relations and Marketing Firms making a killing (which is also an understatement) by putting together news clip items for the Main Stream (so called) “News Media” to share to the world for the next great “fear” for us all to worry about to distract everyone from trying to put our Nation back together where there is truth, justice, equality, real education, real housing markets that are not based on stock portfolios or sold on the stock market trading system, and racism is no longer a “thing”.

    Trail Lawyers and Class Action Lawyers need to investigate if in fact Housing Sales are made on stock net profit sales. But one wouldn’t know this because everyone is told to obey the housing net profits on the News or how many homes are not available by the news, or how many homeless there are because of lack of affordable housing, by the news. Fear is spread for the homeless and yet no solution is provided for the homeless unless the developer can make a hefty profit of one million dollars per unit for one homeless person. 

    Can anyone see the crimes perpetuated by the news media and the developers? Does this not meet the criteria of programmable slavery? Be afraid to go to the bathroom you might get covid? Be afraid to go to the bathroom if you are a girl because a boy dressed as a girl might rape you? Does any of this make sense? No. In fact it doesn’t. 

    But the practice of owners of the news media is to give the enslaved news media personnel money and they will tell the story so people in the world can live in fear and be forced to buy the owners products and be forced to let others choose the sex of their child without their child’s consent. Yes, it is being done and what Class Action Attorney has the guts and man power to hold News Media Owners and Personnel accountable?

    We are being robbed.

    What we are being robbed of is what we have always known as Self Determination.

    The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

    Naomi Fisher and Dan Reynolds are residents of Ventura County

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