Senate GOP Leader Responds to Budget Deal between Governor and Democrats

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The Governor and the ruling Democrats announced a partisan budget deal that would result in a new record high spending level for the state of California. On top of this new spending plan, they announced two special sessions that could impose new car taxes, gas taxes, cigarette taxes, and new taxes on healthcare.

In response to the announcement of the budget deal and special sessions, Senate Minority Leader Bob Huff (R-San Dimas) issued the following statement:

“Senate Republicans are not surprised that negotiations for the budget continued after Monday’s constitutional budget deadline. This proves that yesterday’s vote was little more than a ‘collect your paycheck’ budget vote.”

“Since the Governor and Democrats cut their deal in secret negotiations, we hope they will keep their commitment to put all the budget bills in print for at least three days so the people of California have the opportunity to see what is in the budget.”

“With regard to the special sessions, Senate Republicans look forward to the opportunity for a robust exchange of ideas. Given the $14 billion of unanticipated tax revenues the state has just received, it is difficult to understand why their starting point is to impose billions of dollars in additional taxes on hard-working Californians.”


Senate Republicans have made transportation infrastructure a priority, and presented a plan this year without tax increases. The Senate Republican Transportation Infrastructure Solutions released in May 2015 and our letter to the Governor dated April 2015 regarding the importance of Medi-Cal rate restorations.

State Senator Bill Huff

State Senator Bill Huff

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