Seven alleged members of Mexican Mafia indicted by Ventura County D.A.

The Ventura County District Attorney announced today the indictment of Michael Moreno, 57 years old, Alejandro Ornelas, 32 years old, Jose Rodriguez, 34 years old,  Jaime Garcia Mora, 28 years old, Gerardo Reyes, 41 years old, Fidel Pina, 40 years old, and Henri A. Mejia, 27 years old, for crimes committed for the benefit of the Mexican Mafia. The indictment charges six counts of criminal conduct including conspiracy to commit extortion, conspiracy to sell a controlled substance, possession for sale of a controlled substance, and three counts of completed sale of a controlled substance.

This case arises from a lengthy investigation into Mexican Mafia activities in Ventura County, which extended to a large portion of the Southern California area. The indictment alleges that members and associates of the Mexican Mafia conspired to extort drug dealers in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties by requiring them to pay “taxes” to the gang in exchange for permission to continue their illicit trade.

Further, it alleges that members of the Mexican Mafia arranged for methamphetamine  to be delivered and sold in Ventura County.

A pre-trial conference for Ornelas, Mora, and Pina is scheduled for September 26, 2014, at 1:30 p.m. in courtroom 12. Ornelas and Pina remain in custody with bail set at $1 million, and Mora remains in custody with bail set at $5 million. Moreno, Reyes, and Rodriguez are being held in custody in other jurisdictions for unrelated pending cases. There is a pending arrest warrant for Mejia.

Source: Ventura County District Attorney’s office


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