Sex Education … Californication style

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An article in the Star Newspaper on July 31, 2015 caught my attention: Boy Scouts of America Lift Ban on Gay AdultCalifornication Leaders. I read that the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) lifted the ban on gay adult leaders, while allowing church sponsored Scout units to continue excluding gay adults. So on one hand, the BSA are constitutionally allowing for religious liberties to be honored, but on the other hand the BSA could no longer deal with the lawsuit abuse they have been dealing with on the subject.

Someone once told me, since gays do not traditionally procreate, they recruit. I was thinking about her thought on the subject,when I read this article in the Star and I thought what a perfect recruiting environment the Boy Scouts of America would be for the gay movement.

Where am I going with this? There is a California bill heading toward the Governor’s desk called: AB329-Pupil instruction: sexual health education, and also called: The California Healthy Youth Act (Shirley Weber, Dem.). Section (f) states that students will be encouraged to have and maintain committed relationships such as marriage. That sounds good. I kept reading the bill, and when I got to (6) it tells the teachers to inform the students about the treatment of HIV, including how antiretroviral therapy can dramatically prolong the lives of many people living with HIV and reduce the likelihood of transmitting HIV to others. (7) States: “This instruction shall emphasize that successfully treated HIV-Positive individuals have a normal life expectancy.” This part of the bill is what concerns me! It seems to me that they really want to emphasize that a gay lifestyle presents no particular health issues as long as you do your ANTIRETROVIRAL THERAPY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, if you are diagnosed with HIV. Seriously?

Then I heard about President Obama promoting gay lifestyle tolerance in Kenya end Ethiopia (against their leaders will), when these countries are not equipped to deal medically with the latest HIV and AIDS prevention technology. In an article in The Guardian (October 20, 2013) they noted that, “HIV cases rise at fastest rate in 20 years”….and we all know that you could not possibly change that upward trend in just two years. The Ventura County Public Health Department’s 2014 Report on HIV/Aids Surveillance clearly indicates that the number of reported AIDS and HIV cases have increased: Aids by a 17% increase in cases and HIV by an 11% increase in cases. The Public Health Department emphasized in their report the importance of testing for Aids/HIV and the need to reinforce the mortality of an Aids/HIV diagnosis. If our school children are taught in school that Aids/HIV infected individuals can live a normal life…..are they not receiving the wrong message?

There is a real burn out factor, when it comes to HIV prevention going on. The press is so politically correct these days and the threat of HIV and AIDS is so downplayed, no wonder AIDS/HIV cases are on the rise!

LET YOUR VOICES BE HEARD: Please contact your State Assemblywoman, Jacqui Irwin, and let her know that you strongly oppose this bill and that this bill is hurting the future health of our children.

Scotia Alves
CFRW Legislative Analyst, Camarillo Republican Women Federated


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