Shawn Terris of VC DEMS Makes Last Ditch Move to Derail Kelly Long



By Laura Hernandez

An article in the Ventura County Star on November 1, 2016 by Kathleen Wilson is a last ditch attempt to derail Kelly Long and her race to become the next Supervisor for Ventura County’s Third District. To date, Kelly Long has managed a strong positive campaign focused on her qualifications and experience. The position of Supervisor is non-partisan. Kelly Long, a Republican moderate, has been appealing to a wide range of voters and has effectively crossed party lines.


Shawn Terris

Fearful of Kelly’s success, Shawn Terris, Chair of the Central Committee for the Ventura County Democratic Party, initiated an 11th hour complaint with the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) claiming that Kelly did not report any personal income in repeated disclosure filings using Form 700.  Meanwhile this week, Castilla quickly rushed to amend her Form 700 to include her husband’s income after a tip from The Star.

Also earlier this year, the FPPC (California Fair Political Practices Commission) launched an investigation into a complaint alleging late reporting of expenditures in Castilla’s campaign for the June primary. The FPPC has not yet ruled on that complaint. Carla Castilla also lost the endorsement of the Ventura County Star for illegally voting while she had been living at a Camarillo address and continuing to vote from her parents’ Oxnard address.

While the article states that “Long did not answers question from The Star in detail “, Kelly Long, in fact, did provide the following comments.

Kelly Long

Kelly Long

Kelly Long states “Here is the quote I sent VC Star writer, Kathleen Wilson, after questioning me about the FPCC complaint by Shawn Terris, Executive Officer of the Democratic Central Committee and if I was bought by oil.”

“I’ve followed up with the Fair Political Practice Commission to discuss the complaint. After my conversation with the FPPC, I will correct any errors in my disclosure report to make sure I’m totally transparent.

Regarding Shawn Terris’ concern that she had investment in oil interests, Kelly responded “I have no direct investments in oil companies, and minimal investment in index funds that might contain energy companies generally.”

Kelly further commented on another point.  “An independent PAC’s money does not go into a candidate’s campaign. A candidate has no control over what an independent PAC does or say. The $100,000 big oil money that my opponent’s supporters are talking about is a separate and independent contribution. My opponent also has an independent PAC comprised of unions and special interest groups that contributed over $130,000 to Castilla’s campaign.

This VC Star Article is a blatant attack on Kelly Long’s qualification as a business woman and as a representative on the Ventura County Board of Supervisors. Clearly, this is an attempt to sensationalize what is likely to be a minor issue and an easy fix.

Now, since the Democratic Party Chairman is so interested in transparency, why did they not require Castilla to explain why she was voting for eight years in Oxnard but living in Camarillo? What other violations is Ms. Castilla hiding? Perhaps, they failed to properly vet their candidate? Or perhaps, they knew all along and just thought they wouldn’t get caught.


Editor’s note: Per a campaign rep., Kelly Long’s amended Form 700 has been submitted and received by the FPPC.

Laura Hernandez is a Port Hueneme resident who assists the Long campaign

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