Sheriff candidate in court fight Wednesday to get on VC ballot

Bruce Boyer campaign for Ventura County Sheriff: 4-16-2018


Bruce Boyer, candidate for Ventura County Sheriff as represented by attorney Joel Farkas has a hearing scheduled for April 18th Dept 41, Ventura County Superior Court, on his request for a writ of mandate that he, as he is a fully filed candidate, be placed on the ballot.

The County in reply to the filing and briefs does not address the argument that the ballot qualifications are unconstitutional. Article I of the State Constitution is clear in calling for the ‘election’ of County Sheriffs. There are no ’qualifiers’ to this in any way. Any ‘qualifiers’ would have to have been passed as amendments to the State Constitution, none have been. The County has only made other arguments that are not as to the complaint. A failure of the County to argue against the unconstitutionality challenge of the filing means that the Court has no argument against the primary basis for the writ that Bruce Boyer be placed on the ballot as he is a filed candidate. The County argues as to filing time frame, the time frame is 60 days, yet the case was filed in under thirty. The County claims that there is a cost to reprint the ballots; yet that is not an argument to deny a candidate his place on the ballot, nor do they offer any evidence as to what the cost might be.  The County argues that in another case a challenge to ballot qualifications was denied, while stating that the other challenge was not as to the same basis, so it has no relevance. They do not even answer to the other cases we have cited as to ballot qualifications being unconstitutional that the courts have upheld.

The matter has already been decided by the courts in Baca v. Los Angeles County from 2003; supported by an AG opinion that “restrictions” as to the election of County Sheriffs are unconstitutional, even if enacted by a vote of the people.

 How the action of the County Clerk to deny the people their choice of candidates remains to be seen. The County is proceeding with the printing of ballots and there are election deadlines both State and Federal that come into play. When the Court orders Boyer to be placed on the ballot; how will that affect the timeliness of the election, and the cost to the taxpayers?  The June 5th election is only the primary; the actual election is in November. There are only two filed candidates, so there is no potential for a run-off. As the elected Sheriff does not take office until January regardless; the likely remedy is for the Court to enjoin the Clerk from certifying the June 5th primary ballot and order that the election for Sheriff be placed on the November ballot.

While the State of California is a party through the County government; the State AG may try to insert the State directly into the case (it has been done this in other cases) and appeal. If so, the allegations of bias will be well founded as the AG is of course the architect and implementer of SB54, the Sanctuary State Rebellion, which is the entire basis and focus of Boyer’s campaign, that being to defeat the SB54 Sanctuary State Rebellion.  AG Bacerra would be the one arguing to keep Boyer off of the ballot!

 A victory in this case will have far-reaching effects as nationally twenty-eight states have acted to restrict the citizens in who they can elect as their county sheriffs. A victory here will enable the citizens to again elect the sheriff of their choice. Career LEOs will be more responsive to the citizens for if not the citizens will be able to elect non-LEOs who will do the will of the people.

California has had only a dozen actual contested elections for the fifty-eight county sheriffs in the last thirty years. Career Law Enforcement has held a monopoly. Ventura County may make history in restoring a government of the people, or it will make restoring in taking a giant step to stomp it out.

I do like to make it exciting! We have a Country to save!

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Mark Savalla

Personally, having 33 yrs with the LAPD, I would never vote for someone with no police experience for Sheriff of any Dept.