Sheriff Joe takes final shot at Obama; claims “fraudulent” birth certificate image on White House web site


Outgoing Sheriff Joe Arpaio holds pres conference 12-15-16. Photo:

By George Miller

Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio calls Obama’s proferred birth certificate a fraud: Says:

  • It’s a fraudulent document

  • Congress investigates undereinflated footballs but can’t be bothered with this

  • I will turn this over to the federal government and Congress

  • I hope that Congress will pass a law that Presidents will be vetted

You may be asking yourself why all this after 8 years and two terms? Read on. This is really remarkable stuff. You be the judge whether these claims are valid. Both sides, try to check your current positions at the door.


Maricopa County Sheriff Joe is a tough old (84 years) law enforcement pro, who has worked at various levels of government and has been forcibly retired by the voters after 5 terms. He has put prisoners in pink uniforms, cut food budgets, and more. He has taken a hard line on profiling suspects and ran into increasing opposition from the US Dept of Justice, even filing charges against him. A major effort was made to defeat him in this year’s election and it succeeded. Some say that another big reason for opposition was his back burner “Cold Case Posse” investigation of Barack Obama, which focused on the legitimacy of birth records, Social Security and selective service ID. This has been going on for years and released apparently damning results in 2012 and afterward. Now, they have some new info and wanted to get it out before Obama and Arpaio’s terms ended. was represented on-site at the Thursday press conference. Arpaio focused on only the birth record issue. He said he didn’t know of any problems until approached by investigative Journalist Jerome Corsi and representatives of the Surprise, AZ Tea Party group, in the Phoenix area. They showed him work done by private Citizens suggesting that the electronic image of an Obama Certificate of Live Birth presented on the website, an official presidential site, since 4-27-11, was bogus.

Veteran watchers of this situation said the press conference was a bit of an anticlimax, as they were expecting or were even led to expect more. Essentially what occurred is more reinforcement of the claims that Obama’s birth certificate image on the White House is a fraud. They mainly dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s with more corroboration and outside expert opinions.  These same people also told us that there is already by far enough information to make their case. Deniers of this dispute it, although we haven’t seen any credible response to this batch of info yet.

The Press Conference

Lots of media attended. There were about a hundred people there, about 20 cameras rolling and more still cameras and cell phones snapping away. We saw local affiliates of ABC, CBS, Fox, Univision and more. 

Arpaio claimed that he intended the investigation to merely confirm the validity of the image representing a valid source document, but that the evidence took them elsewhere. He stated that this does not prove or assert what place or circumstances Barack Obama was born in, only that the document on the White House web site is not an image of an actual birth certificate. He claimed that it is a digitally manufactured image, a composite and modification of other documents. He then turned the presentation over to Chief Investigator Mike Zullo.

Event Video- Part I

Event Video- Part II


Reed Hayes, forensic document analyst

Zullo told us that two independent investigators on two continents confirmed previous conclusions that it was fraudulent, but using different approaches. Forensic document expert Reed Hayes,who he described as “old school,” has 40 years experience and is court recognized, a Democrat who says he voted for Obama. He was contacted and asked to debunk claims that the document is fraudulent. He inspected the White House document. Per Zullo, after a short time he called back and said this document isn’t right, I can’t clear this, there is something wrong with it. After a closer look, he concluded that the document is fraudulent. We remember that he had submitted a similar opinion in a 2012 case in Alabama.

Zullo told us that a second independent verification source was the reputable forensic document analysis lab FORLAB in Italy. They used document inspection, testing and statistics to help establish the probability that it was valid and basically said no, it’s not.

Zullo utilized Mark Gillar and others to do analysis for the posse.

Here is the evidence video:


He said what else is new is  “9 points of forgery” identified on the document. They claimed that the document is basically a cut and paste of the birth certificate of Johanna Ah’Nee. Many other anomalies have previously been identified and released. It seems very coincidental that they found the one specific document which was used as the actual template for what they say was the fraudulent Obama birth certificate. The copy was obtained by Jerome Corsi about 10 days after the Obama document appeared on


Chief Investigator Joe Zullo presents at Press conference 12-15-16. Photo:

According to a certified birth certificate copy provided by Johanna Ah’Nee, she was born in Hawaii only 16 days from when Obama claims he was born. They said they were able to locate 9 certified Hawaii birth certificate copies from around that time and have Ms. Ah’Nee’s in their possession.  They further determined that portions of the claimed Obama certificate were copied from her document and moved into a new digital creation purported by White House officials and Obama himself to be an image of his birth certificate.

Zullo stated that An’Nee is an investigative lead and that Hawaiian-born and OK resident “Birther Princess” Miki Booth (who was present at the conference) is not a forgery suspect.

Boxes 6d and e on the form contain x’s positioned exactly the same on both documents, which were back then prepared on manual typewriters. Boxes 20 and 22, the left and right seals and signature marks are identical and identically placed. All marks are identically placed with respect to the form on both documents. Two outside forensic experts and Zullo’s own team say that this is statistically so unlikely as to be highly improbable. When comparing it to other samples, they cited this to be an almost nonexistent possibility.

Zullo refuted claims that a Xerox 7655 copier could have introduced these anomalies, including the layers found the way they were in the document. But he did not elaborate on this important issue beyond asserting that dozens of tests failed to replicate the circumstances. He opined that the document on the web site was started as a PDF, printed, then rescanned into PDF format. When that occurred, the metadata was erased, casting even more doubt on its authenticity, making it utterly unreliable.

But when you add up all these anomalies, it is highly  improbable that this is not a fraudulent document, Zullo maintained.

Eventually, after pressure from multiple fronts, including a pre-politician Donald Trump, the White House posted a purported long form birth certificate image on their official web site and invited selected media in for a presentation on it to show them a copy. But, critics have claimed that what was shown to the public was not a photo by a media witness, but rather one supplied by the White House.

He also touched upon the birth announcements which appeared in two advertsing circulars at the time. He said only microfiches have been found, no original hard copies. He also said the Obama announcements were identical in the two publications while others were not. Finally he pointed out that certificates could be obtained on just a request of a person (this info feeds the birth announcements).

Zullo pointed out that the HI Director of Health Dept said that the birth certificate was in a bound book. The incoming Governor said that he was tired of all the speculation and would find it. He never did produce it. The director later died in a water landing plane crash where she was the only death.

Arpaio wrapped up the session by complaining that Congress investigates under-inflated footballs but won’t investigate this. He also said that Congress should pass a law requiring vetting of Presidents. He added that the Posse would be forwarding the results of the investigation to Congress and requesting action on  it.  He attacked the news media at the start and finish of the session for repeatedly burying, twisting and mocking the efforts and results of the investigation.

A fraudulent birth certificate posted on an official web site does not prove Obama ineligibility, but Arpaio said, Obama did represent it as his own and several crimes were committed. Questions he raised were, why would Obama and affiliated actors perpetrate this? Where is the genuine document, if it exists and what does it reveal?

After scolding the media again, he said he wouldn’t be taking any questions, has more information, but failed to tell us where, when and how it might, if ever, be released. I left messages for Zullo with some questions and talked with one of his media people. I asked for a link to the video they showed at the session. You can see it on the event video, but not very clearly. We also remarked that a lot more info was released in the past, but this wasn’t covered here and that Thursday’s presentation didn’t seem like the whole picture. The media person replied that only new info was presented and that the whole story would have overwhelmed media people. I also asked about the additional info Arpaio referred to. He promised to inquire on these items and get back to me.


Former Col. Terry Lakin, “martyr” of the movement at 12-15-16 press conference. Photo:

Historical Note

Several military members have attempted to draw attention to what they say is Obama’s ineligibility to be President and therefore not be their legitimate Commander-in-Chief. Some, Like Army Medic Col Terry Lakin refused deployment orders, even though he had previously deployed, been decorated and received very high ratings. He was made an example of by being court-martialed, without really being able to defend himself with military due process, convicted, thrown out of the army, pension revoked, jailed and disgraced. He was at the press conference, smiling and happy. I asked him if he still felt that way and whether it was all worth it. He readily said yeah and beamed.

Deniers’ complaints

According to Zullo, Supporters of Obama have claimed that the document is a scanned copy of a certified copy of the original birth certificate. They reportedly claimed that a 7655 Xerox copier used could have introduced the anomalies cited previously, although we have heard none opine yet on these latest findings released.

Organizations such as “Fogbow, ” Obama Conspiracy and John Woodman (wrong last name corrected) have attempted to refute fraud claims by the Posse and other independent, private parties, some dating back to April, 2011.

Document doubters have also said that a letter from the Hawaii Dept. of Health to Arizona officials confirming that there is a birth record for Obama does not verify the web site image is correct or the same as what is on file at the Hawaii Dept. of Health.

Meanwhile, on the Phoenix local affiliate TV station, a Maricopa County Supervisor reputedly complained that the Sheriff’s Dept. had no business doing such an investigation. The Sheriff is the highest law enforcement official in the County, elected by the voters and had previously said that he was acting to protect the interests of his constituents, about 250 of whom  petitioned him to do an investigation. The posse is staffed and funded by volunteers, so supposedly no county resources were involved, although those are govt. facilities.

What is the significance of all this

This controversy has been swirling ever since 2008, when FactCheck, a web site owned by a former Obama employer, first posted a purported copy of a short form birth certificate for Obama. This raised more questions than it answered, since there were anomalies, the registration number was blacked out and certain information didn’t square with reality. Obama has alternately claimed that he was born in two hospitals. One had a sign claiming him, but later took it down. Neither hospital will now claim him when queried, according to multiple sources. To help put these growing claims to rest, Obama finally felt the need to post a long form birth certificate on the White House web site and call a press conference to announce it.

Most people have simply taken the administrative claims at face value, but others, mostly political opponents, have pushed the fraud narrative.

Since Obama’s final term is about to end, most say it is moot. This is because opposition claims have fallen on deaf ears of officials and most, but far from all of the public and been suppressed or trivialized by media, Obama has garnered sympathy for what many say are unfair, even “racist” attacks. But some Obama opponents say the bottom line is that not a shred of valid, legal  proof of his eligibility for office has been presented, except for a letter saying that there are birth records that confirm his claims. In Hawaii, a birth certificate can be claimed just by the word of a relative. In fact Hawaii was notorious for this.

People we have talked to pushing all this say that they want to make sure it never happens again, want to stain Obama’s legacy and potentially use it as a lever to undo said legacy. Some even say that criminal charges should be filed. So far no sitting grand jury or prosecutor has ever done this, except “Citizens grand juries.”


First Press Conference Marh, 2012

Other media:


We saw three different network affiliates’ TV reports on the Arpaio press conference tonight in Phoenix.

George Miller is Publisher of and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard

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