Campaign Sign Blight?

By George Miller

We had a record infestation of election campaign signs this year, all over Ventura County- literally thousands of them for ecvery office from School board to Senator.


Campaign signs on an Oxnard street corner in late October, 2016. Photo: George Miller/

One thing we noticed this year is that nearly all of them were for local, state or congressional offices and ballot measures- hardly any for the presidential race.  There weren’t as many bumper stickers as usual either.

Political creatures tell us that the signs don’t necessarily convert people, but that the name recognition is useful to make people more familiar and comfortable with candidates/issues. If you’ve never even heard of a candidate or ballot measure, how likely are you to vote in favor? When you see the sign, then read more, see or hear of candidates/issues, it helps in the decision process.

Opponents seem to thisnk the signs are very imporatnt, because there are significant vandalism/theft issues with them.

But, some people are very anti-campaign signs and are offended by them and the visual clutter, so it may not always be helpful to the cause. What do you think?  Are you glad that the election is finally over?

George Miller is Publisher of and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard

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