Silencing Doctors



By Michael Greer

As I write this I’m shaking with anger. I am watching in real time people I know and respect be slandered, demonized and ruined. Their websites taken down, videos taken down. The Frontline Doctors (they are another version of Doctors Without Borders, they go around the world providing medical care to poor countries) who gave the press conference two days ago in front of the Supreme Court had their website taken down.  And the videos of the presser taken down from all social media platforms. 

This morning Dr. Simone Gold, one of the founders of Frontline Doctors, said she put up another website where she gave links to studies and information, “”. I went there this morning and it has ALREADY been taken down.  Check it out yourself.  

I went to my archives where I keep links to studies, articles, videos, etc. that provide evidence of the issues I write about. I found dozens of links that say, “this content is no longer available”.   

I then went to the internet and looked up the Frontline Doctors and they are all being slandered. Mostly Dr. Stella Immanuel, a Black Nigerian Woman. Yes, she is passionate and yes, she has some strange beliefs, but she is a good doctor and nothing she said was incorrect. She mostly treats diabetics and hasn’t lost a single one to COVID.  None of these critics have proven any of these doctors wrong, they are just slandering them because they don’t like their message.  

One of these Frontline doctors, Dr. Bob Hamilton is a highly respected Los Angeles pediatrician. He was Chief Resident of Pediatrics at UCLA. He has had a 26 year practice in Santa Monica. He is called the “baby whisperer”.  I know Dr. Bob well. He is one of the most ethical, kindest, most generous men I know. Seeing his ethics questioned infuriates me. Tell me when the media or politicians have EVER done this to doctors before. Tell me when Governors have denied doctors the use of an FDA approved medication. I had saved videos of doctors saying they were being threatened with having their licenses revoked if they prescribed HCQ or after prescribing it having their patient tell them the pharmacy wouldn’t fill it? Those videos are “no longer available”. Why? When has this ever happened before?  

And when did social media become medical experts? I asked @jack today to provide the scientific evidence that the Frontline doctors were wrong.  I’m not expecting an answer but the question needs asking.  So, why all this fury over a safe, and in many countries, over the counter medication?  A medication that for 65 years has been approved by the FDA for use for pregnant women, breast feeding women and children? A medication safer than aspirin?  

First let me say it’s called the “practice of medicine” for a reason. Each of us has our own unique DNA. We have different vulnerabilities, different lifestyles, different exposures to toxins. Some of us exercise, some don’t, some eat well, some don’t, some smoke, drink, do drugs, some don’t. We are different and therefore a treatment that works for one person might not work at all for another. That is why a medication that works for most, may not work for some. Every drug, no matter how safe, has a certain percentage of people who have an adverse reaction to it. It is up to doctors to weigh the possible adverse reactions with the benefits. This is true of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) as with all medications. And we know with 65 years of use that HCQ’s benefits far outweigh any adverse reactions. It is used in 3rd world countries to prevent malaria. It is over the counter in these countries. It isn’t over the counter in America because there is no demand for it. We don’t have malaria here. But it is used broadly for Lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. 

Until today I believed the media and politicians demonization of HCQ was because of the “Orange Man Bad” opposition to anything Trump praises. I have done a lot of research today that makes me believe this is a much bigger plan.  

In January when we were just becoming aware of COVID-19 France took HCQ off the “over the counter” status and put it on “poisonous substances” status. Why? They know it’s safe. They also know it is an effective prophylactic for many viruses. So why would France restrict a medication that could possibly prevent this virus? 

There have been many studies of HCQ’s effect on COVID viruses. Understand COVID viruses are not new. There are many versions of COVID just as there are many versions of the regular flu. That is why it’s called COVID-19. SARS is a COVID virus.  

Dr. Fauci’s National Institutes of Health (NIH) did several studies that showed HCQ was effective in treating and preventing SARS (COVID-2). The following are links to some of them: 

The NIH also did a study that found asymptomatic SARS carriers were not infecting others. This is very likely the same with COVID-19 as both are COVID viruses. 

Fauci knows HCQ is effective. Why would he not recommend the use of a medication he knows is safe? Ask yourself even if it weren’t effective what is the harm in trying a medication that is safe enough for pregnant or nursing women and children?  

So,  wnted to know how countries that used HCQ on a regular basis, who use it to prevent malaria and where it is over the counter, fared against countries that didn’t. Let’s look at the most obvious first, Africa.  

COUNTRY                           POPULATION                     COVID DEATHS                             

 EGYPT                                   91.5M                                     4,728 

ALGERIA                                 43M                                        1,186 

SUDAN                                    43M                                           725 

CHAD                                      16M                                             75 

NIGERIA                                 201M                                         873 

CONGO                                   86M                                           210 

SOMALIA                                15M                                             93 

Compare the deaths to those in Western Civilization Countries below: 

AMERICA                                330M                                  150,000 

ENGLAND                               55M                                     41,360 

FRANCE                                  67M                                    30,238 

GERMANY                              83M                                      9,214 

ITALY                                      60M                                    35,132 

And then to the countries that DIDN’T lock down, social distance or close schools: 

INDIA                                      1.3BILLION                        35,716 

TURKEY                                   83M                                   5,659 

SWEDEN                                  10M                                   5,739 

NORWAY                                    5M                                      255 

FINLAND                                    5M                                      329 

India, Turkey, and Africa gave a large portion of their population HCQ or a large portion was already taking it regularly. Note the Congo. With a population of 86 million and not exactly the most hygienic environment, they had 210 deaths. LOOK at the number of deaths in Africa where HCQ is used regularly for malaria and compare it to America with all our mask wearing, social distancing, lock downs and quarantines. In our clean environment we have 150,000 deaths. Even if you question the accuracy of that number (see below) it is still too large number compared to the countries that used HCQ or just didn’t lock down. 

Let’s put things into perspective. Every year there are about 650,000 deaths world wide from the regular flu. To date, COVID has resulted in 668,801 deaths world wide.  The CDC reported the death rate for COVID-19 is 0.26% which means there is a 99.8% survival rate. 

We are told to believe the science. I do and I don’t think a virus with a 99.8% survival rate warrants us destroying our economy, destroying millions of small businesses, denying us weddings, funerals, graduations or any of the holiday celebrations. Denying us social interaction. Denying us the ability to comfort sick or dying loved ones. Denying us the ability to work or keep our businesses open.  

We don’t wear masks, social distance or lock down our economy for the flu or any other infectious disease.  Why are we doing it for this one? And why are we being denied a life saving medication, a medication that can prevent the virus as well as treat it?  

Have you heard the media report on the low numbers of deaths in 3rd world countries that use HCQ? Have you heard a discussion of why the countries or states that DIDN’T lock down have no more deaths than the ones that did? Have you heard a discussion in the media about why protests with thousands in the streets are OK but Church services are not?  

The only medication the media considers promising is REMDESIVIR. Interestingly, Remdesivir costs $3000 per treatment while HCQ costs $10. From what I’ve been able to learn about Remdesivir, some studies look promising but it isn’t ready for prime time. HCQ is and it’s cheap.   

And let’s talk about our children, the virus and opening schools. This is the subject Dr. Bob Hamilton spoke about in the press conference.  One of the networks hand selected six pediatricians on to discuss school opening.  They didn’t expect all six of them to say they would send their own child without reservation. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends opening schools. 

As I said, I DO believe the science. Those opposing opening schools don’t. World wide, from countries and states that didn’t close schools there has not been ONE case found where an adult contracted the virus from a child. 

The SCIENCE is that children are not COVID spreaders. 

More damage will be done to our children by being denied going to school in person than the virus could ever do. Our children are being sacrificed to the Left’s agenda. So are small business owners, so are we all.  

You know this isn’t about protecting people from a deadly virus when the Teachers Union says they won’t allow schools to open unless all Charter schools, private schools and home schooling is ended. Until there is Medicare for all, defunding police, increased property taxes, welfare for illegal aliens, housing security, etc. None of that has anything to do with COVID. They are holding our children hostage for their Marxist wishes.  

For decades the Left has been working to take control of everything people do.  What better way than COVID-19. I suspected once the Left locked us down they wouldn’t allow us to open up again.  When we started opening up a month or so ago, our economy started to boom again. We had the highest jobs report ever in this country. The Left couldn’t have that happen. So now we get the number of positive cases daily instead of the number of deaths. The deaths are going down but the cases increasing due to the amount of testing we are doing. We have no idea if COVID-19 is more infectious or not because we have NEVER tested healthy people before. We have no idea how many people have had other infectious diseases but were asymptomatic. What is NOT reported is how many are asymptomatic or have recovered. What is NOT reported is the 99.8% survival rate. What is NOT reports is that the states and countries that DIDN’T lock down have no more deaths per capita than those that did.  

The states with the most severe restrictions are Democrat run states and cities. Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti said they may not open up until there is a cure……that could be never. Some say until there is a vaccine….that could also be never. We have no vaccine for the regular flu.  

Democrat Mayors and Governors are choosing winners and losers. Pot Stores, Liquor stores are open, restaurants not. Protests and riots are fine, Churches not. Gyms, hairdressers, nail salons, malls, department stores, closed, Home Depot, Walmart, not.  

Planned Parenthood abortions are approved but not other elective operations that may include cancer biopsies, cardiac operations, and other lifesaving operations. They can have a funeral for John Lewis but not your family member. 

We are being lied to daily. We are told not to believe what we can see with our own eyes. We are told rioting, looting. and burning buildings are “peaceful protests”. We are told the “protests” aren’t responsible for higher COVID cases. We are told to believe the science when what the media tells us is contrary to the actual science.  

I have become increasingly suspicious that none of this is an accident. We know BLM and ANTIFA are being generously funded by groups that want to “fundamentally transform” this country. But how advantageous has it been for the globalist that COVID-19 happened when America’s economy had never been better. When our unemployment was never lower. When a President standing in the way of the globalists was assured re-election.  

I am going to post the following links and let you make up your own mind (wouldn’t it be nice if the media would do the same?). The first is a Documentary by Epoch Times on the origin of the COVID virus at the Wuhan Lab.  Other links provide other information that supports the documentary.  


In 2015 America banned weaponizing viruses. Coincidentally, also in 2015 Dr. Fauci gave the Wuhan lab over $3 million to do research on viruses in spite of there being serious concerns with their security.  








Michael Greer

Michael Greer retired from the film/television industry and is the co-organizer of the Santa Monica Tea Party and the Los Angeles Tea Party, on the board of directors of the Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights and was a member of the Republican Central Committee for the 41st Assembly District.  Her website is:



The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

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The simple fact is that the vast majority of medical professionals disagree. And I do mean vast majority. There used to be scientists who believed in a flat earth. They were proven wrong just as this small minority of doctors will be to.

Michael Greer

It isn’t a small minority of doctors who are recommending HCQ. Doctors are being intimidated and threatened not to use HCQ. When have you ever seen this happen before?

Did you bother to read this? Dr. Fauci, HIMSELF, did a study and found HCQ effective to PREVENT and treat coronavirus SARS.

William Hicks

Scientists once argued if the planet was round or flat. In that, the round earth believers were in the minority.


How do I make a difference in this huge lie to destroy America? I want to help! I e known from day 1 this covid was political and that democrats wanted a failing economy and everyone suffering. What do we do as Americans to stand against this abuse of power!


Meet and talk to healthcare professionals working in local hospitals.

C. Collier

Talk to them about what, exactly? The fact that the numbers published by the State indicate a death rate of less than one quarter of one percent (.25%) of all COVID infections in California? I’m sure that number will go even lower, as the bulk of infections now are appearing in younger people, most of whom don’t have the underlying health issues, the exacerbation of which is what actually kills people.

Based on CA’s rates, if every single person in the US got infected, less than a million people would die and herd immunity would be established. I guess that the Buffoon-in-chief, Adolf Newsom, doesn’t realize that herd immunity is caused by exposure, not isolation and trampling civil and Constitutional Rights.

Linda DeGennaro

Please subscribe me. Your links not working

Citizen Reporter

Done, Ms. DeGennaro, although we got 12 new subscribers in the last day.