Simi PD Traffic Conducts Second Round of Madera Rd. Commercial Enforcements — Numerous Citations Issued.

patient arial, view sans-serif; font-size: 12pt;”>The Simi Valley Police Traffic Unit invited the California Highway Patrol Commercial Enforcement Unit to assist with vehicle inspections on 2/17/16. Between both agencies, malady 9 officers were dedicated to inspecting commercial vehicles for licensing and safety related issues. This operation is being conducted to respond to complaints by our community members who have experienced roadway problems related to the trucks and the construction at Madera Road and Los Angeles Avenue.

More than 15 trucks were inspected, and 5 were placed out of service (parked by the roadside until repaired) and many more were cited for being in dangerous conditions. One tractor and the two trailers was towed due to the driver not having a proper commercial license.

Some of the violations included: brake line air loss; leaking exhaust fumes from the exhaust system; fuel tank leaking; chaffed brake hoses; flat tires; leaking tires; improperly adjusted brakes; worn drawbar; improper emergency safety cables (prevents trailer from separating if coupler breaks); improper tread on tires; malfunctioning brake lights and registration and licensing violations.

Trucks that are improperly maintained are deadly on our roadways and the Simi Valley Police Department and California Highway Patrol will proactively continue to enforce these safety related violations. We applaud the truck drivers who had the appropriate medical certificates; were properly licensed and had good trucks that were maintained properly.

The photos attached depict: A big rig being towed away; A trailer with a crack where the suspension mounts depicting significant structural failure; a tire that is worn to the point of failure.

We appreciate the great deal of cooperation we had from motorists today and we are committed to keeping the streets of Simi Valley safe for our motoring public.

Photo Credit: Simi Valley Police Department

Photo Credit: Simi Valley Police Department


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