Simi Valley Candidates for City Council

SIMI VALLEY, Calif. – Serious contenders to Simi Valley’s Mayoral and City Council seats have arrived to help make the city a more successful place to live, work, and do business. They want to keep what’s great about Simi Valley while tackling the ongoing systemic problems plaguing the city. On August 11th, 2018, Dawn Grey, Ruth Luevanos, and Phil Loos are launching their united kickoff event for the Mayoral and City Council seats respectively.

The candidates are working to energize the city’s business climate which has been hurt by the recent losses of key partners and employers. They include the Walmart on Sycamore, which supported over 100 jobs, one of the two key Macy’s locations in the mall, the only Denny’s in the city, and the closing of the Apple store in the mall. As a keystone business in the Simi Valley Town Center, losing it hurt traffic in the entire mall. The fact that it is the only reported closing of an Apple store in the history of Apple’s franchise makes the loss a community embarrassment.

Dawn, Ruth, and Phil were called into action by this deteriorating business climate, as well as by the City Council’s recent decisions to politicize the city. Once again, Simi Valley is the subject of negative headlines that discourage future investment and further polarization, instead of uniting the city’s diverse residents. The recent Brown Act violations announced by the District Attorney of Ventura County by the Simi Valley City Council, as well as social media use during public meetings, are symptoms of the mismanagement the city has suffered for the past decade and have been a call to action for the candidates.

Phil Loos commented on another problem facing the city that affects him and his family’s future, the City Budget: “The City Council wanted to use our taxpayer dollars to hire a consultant to balance the city budget? That’s their job as a part of their service to the residents of Simi Valley! I could not believe it until I read it in this year’s city budget presentation. I will live here for the rest of my life with my wife and two children; these budgets directly affect our futures and the future of all long-term and dedicated residents of Simi Valley.”

Ruth Luevanos remarked about her family: “In the 18 years I have lived here I have never once been fearful to allow my children to walk around Simi Valley, but recently the climate in the city has changed. On more than one occasion recently I have seen people with hate in their eyes staring at my children because of the color of their skin, and I couldn’t risk allowing them out of my sight. That has to change for the safety of all our residents.”

Dawn Gray added: “We knew we needed to do something. We couldn’t keep letting our city slip further and further down. It all comes back to mismanagement. As an accounting professional I look at the budget and the numbers just don’t add up. They haven’t for more than ten years. All estimates are projecting large deficits in perpetuity, which is horrifying. Our business climate is suffering under the weight of the mismanagement, causing job losses and services to be cut from the city. Our costs keep going up, our revenues keep stagnating, and investment and spending continue being pulled because of the council’s political stunts. All of this means we will continue to dig a hole for ourselves that will get harder and harder to get out of.”

United for a new Simi Valley

All three candidates are working together to launch their races on Saturday, August the 11th. Their campaigns are united under their slogan, “Our Community, Our Families, Our Future.”

Dawn Gray has been a fixture in the community for 24 years and is running for the vacant Mayor’s seat, bringing her 30 years of professional finance work to bear on the city’s budget. She knows with her financial background she can balance the city’s budget properly and strengthen the community she loves and lives in.

Ruth Luevanos is a veteran educator with 18 years of experience and is a mother of two. She is working to ensure that other families in the city feel safe and welcome, along with ensuring the city has a welcoming business climate for investment. To provide every child in Simi Valley the future promised to them, she wants to focus the council on educational issues, ensuring students get the resources they need, and building a thriving business climate where jobs are plentiful to support the city’s growing demands.

Phil Loos is fully invested in the future of Simi Valley and he is a professional in the Healthcare industry raising his two kids in the city he loves. His faith strengthens him in his resolve to change the city’s outlook and the principles that lay within call him to service for a cause greater than himself. He believes that on the council he would put greater emphasis on listening to the city’s residents and regrets that listening is a strength the council would do well to develop given recent headlines.

About Simi Change

The candidates are backed by a coalition of long- term residents of Simi Valley, who, after noticing a deteriorating business climate and a number of other challenges facing the city, mobilized into action.

They are a grassroots team of organized citizens with a plan to support and serve “Our Community, Our Families, and Our Future” as stated by their slogan. They are primarily financed by individual citizens who share their dream for a new way forward and supported by friends and family. Together they have mobilized a mass of core members who are working to lead the different efforts required to support three campaigns and are the first serious challenge to the bureaucracy that currently runs  the City Council.

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2 years ago

I live in Pasadena, also a sanctuary city, and I’d hardly call that far left. I’d say more of a reasonable reaction to far right villification. Simi Valley has an image problem, and maybe some fresh voices can help embrace the diversity there. Calling them “far left, CNN” candidates only reinforces the SV stereotype.

L. Brand
L. Brand
2 years ago

These candidates are all engaged citizens of our city. They show up at important events and have great ideas about how things can improve in Simi Valley. Unlike the current city council, they will not be posting on Facebook during council meetings and ignoring the comments and requests from concerned citizens. I look forward to having them represent me.

Kim Brosa
Kim Brosa
2 years ago

These female candidates are out-of-touch, left leaning people. One, if not both, fully support sanctuary cities. The other claiming there is ‘hate in people’s eyes’? That is extremely doubtful considering there is a large majority of minorities from descents of Asian, Indian, African, Latino and Hispanic.

It is just more typical, delusional candidates who only see as far as their CNN front yard.

I would also propose that this journalist cover BOTH sides of the story and interview others who are running, re-running for Mayor instead of opinions of one side. It is this kind of ‘journalism’ that claims to be ‘real news’ that is a sham. Journalism gets ALL sides and covers ALL angles and truths.