Simi Valley | Community: First Day of School, Make Sure to Drive Cool!

Traffic Safety Tips From the SVPD Traffic Bureau!

Schools in Simi Valley open tomorrow after the Summer break and the Simi Valley Police Traffic Bureau has some traffic safety reminders for all our drivers: 

Please slow down. When children are present anywhere in the posted school zone, 25 MPH is the limit. The school zones begin prior to the school and continue after passing the school so look for the signs! 

Please put the cellular telephones or other portable devices away. Attention is your key to safety. 

Never pass a vehicle stopped for a pedestrian. 

Watch out for pedestrians and bicycle riders. 

Don’t double park—it impedes traffic and blocks visibility for children and vehicles. 

Unloading children across the street from the school, or at a corner crosswalk is extremely dangerous. Sometimes it encourages them to Jay-walk. 

If a bus is stopped to unload children and the red lights / stop sign are visible, don’t pass it. This applies in both directions on an un-divided roadway. 

The area 10 feet around a school bus is the most dangerous for children. Be observant and slow. 

Stay alert: children can be unpredictable and may ignore hazards and take risks. 

When using a school drop-off zone, pull as far forward as possible so many cars can fit into the parking lot. Quickly have your child exit the car and proceed so other cars can keep moving. Fixing lunches, hair and opening the trunk to get a backpack or give last minute directions should be handled long before arriving in the school parking lot. 

Be courteous to the school staff assisting you in the school parking lots. 

Consider when deciding to block a red zone or other prohibited area, emergency personnel need the space to respond with their vehicles and equipment. Blocking these areas can delay help and could result in a parking ticket. 

These are consistent issues our officers encounter each year when working in the school zones. Simi Valley Police Officers will be present at many of our schools to try to keep it safe and smooth. We are committed to working side-by-side with school staff, parents and teen-drivers to make our schools safe and comfortable for learning. Have a safe school year!

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