Simi Valley PD Give Distracted Driving Reminder and Facts

Ongoing education about distraction behind the wheel is part of our campaign to balance enforcement with knowledge.

Distracted driving is not only cellular phone use. It takes 100% of a driver’s attention to drive safely and any activity causing inattention may result in tragedy.

To read and answer a text message when hearing the text notification can be enticing. No call, text, game, social media update, taking a selfie while driving or other phone feature is worth a citation, a collision, injury or death.

Safe driving is everyone’s responsibility. Parents, as role models are in the ideal position to demonstrate good behavior to their children while driving. SVPD statistics support the fact that our kids are doing a better job than the adults when it comes to ignoring the phone on the roadway.

Our message sign is out there reminding drivers of the consequences of texting and illegally making calls.

Our recommendation is to “Silence the Distraction.” You will get the message or call when you arrive safely. SVPD Officers will be out there enforcing more strictly during April, which is Distracted Driver Month statewide.

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