Simi Valley Police advise residents: Be aware of scams — The IRS doesn’t give you a courtesy call

drugs arial,sans-serif;”>On Black Friday, the Simi Valley Police Department received several calls from residents reporting they were victims of attempted scams over the phone. The intended victims received calls from persons with obvious foreign accents telling them they owed the I.R.S. money for back taxes or owed money for an outstanding arrest warrant. The caller then requests the intended victim to wire transfer a specific amount of money to satisfy the outstanding debt.

Neither the I.R.S. nor any law enforcement agencies conduct business in this manner. Residents are reminded to exercise proper judgment when receiving these types of phone calls from scammers.

If there is any doubt as to the legitimacy of a caller soliciting money, do not submit to the request or call the Simi Valley Police Department at (805) 583-6950.


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