Simi water customer forces City Council rehearing on water standby charges

... Said Simi Council has no jurisdiction over something that affects him when he could not vote for them

By George Miller

Outspoken civil rights activist Bruce Boyer pops up all over, as “Chief Instigator” for civil liberties group Sons of Liberty LA, protesting DUI checkpoints, testing what he says are illegal parking and signage rules by parking in police dept. parking lots with signs on his trailers, fees, taxes, etc. Boyer owns regional security firm Lone Star Alarm Monitoring.

Recently he tried to speak at the May 16 Simi Valley City Council meeting on agenda item 6B, on water standby fees, but was prevented from doing so by Mayor Huber. Boyer quickly made a Brown Act complaint to the City Clerk and State Attorney-General. City Attorney Lonnie J. Eldridge responded in his favor, as follows:



Boyer who lives in Ventura County and is a customer of the Simi Valley Water Board, maintains that the Simi Council has no jurisdiction over something that affects him when he could not vote for them. However, the agenda item (6B) was about a recommendation by the Council for the Water Board to renew the standby charge, which the Board would presumably address at a meeting where Boyer had a say. However, this was not immediately obvious.

The City Attorney wrote that Boyer’s comments did not address the previous agenda item (6A). Boyer told us that it  is very confusing in Simi, because they don’t indicate which items are open to public comment. At the May 16 meeting, the Mayor quickly dispositioned item 6B with no discussion heard other than we’ve done it that way since 1998 and attempted to move on it, saying there were no speaker cards. Boyer piped up “Yes there are.” Huber said “no there aren’t” and told Boyer that he “abused the process,” on the previous item, was grandstanding, off topic and did not fill out the speaker card properly. A review of the meeting video (at 1:26) seems to confirm the Mayor’s assessment, but it might be questionable whether prior restraint should have been exercised by him on the item in question. Boyer claimed ignorance of Council procedures. A verbal disagreement followed, but Huber did not allow Boyer to speak. Boyer has repeatedly brought up his grievance with the City regarding mobile signs, which is another story all by itself. The City erred on the side of caution by granting the re-hearing

Agenda Item 6B staff report

Watch video for Agenda item 6B. Boyer attempts to speak at 1:36

George Miller is Publisher of and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard.

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