Since The Second World War A Plan Has Been Worked Out To Manipulate The Minds Of Mankind Through Media.

World War II Isn't Over!

by David Sorensen | Stop World Control

The best experts of Nazi Germany in the field of ‘mind control’ were brought to America. From America the strategy started to systematically change literally everything humanity thinks and believes. 

The goal was to make sure mankind could be controlled IN THEIR OWN MINDS.

Tell them what we want to them to believe, and we’ll have total control over them… without them even being aware of it. The ultimate and perfect strategy to seize world control.

Because of this strategy virtually everything we hear and see in the mainstream media is a lie. 

They lie about spirituality, biology, freedom, ethics, health, energy, culture, history, astronomy, everything…

It is utterly impossible to get an accurate view of reality through the news, major magazines, or well-known websites.

Even education is programmed in such a way that it enslaves people into a spiderweb of countless lies, that becomes an all-encompassing stronghold of deception that determines their whole lives.

People become programmed robots that literally think what they have been told, and have lost the ability to think for themselves or do genuine research.

Critical thinking is labeled ‘dangerous’ and each and every true investigator who has somehow managed to maintain an independent, intelligent mind, is labeled ‘a conspiracy theorist’.

Think what WE tell you, or else we will shame, blame, and censor you.

Movies have been produced to further mold the way people think. So called ‘scientific’ networks were set up, to create the illusion of ‘authority’ when they were spreading lies. 

Examples are National Geographic, Discovery, and the History Channel, who only ‘look and smell’ like they do genuine research, while all too often they simply push the global narrative while hiding the true facts at all costs.

The media, education, politics, health care, food industries – everything is in the hands of the same billionaire criminals who have lied to the whole of humanity over the past century.

They have a specific goal: enslave humanity as much as possible and create a world of total control.

I don’t believe in God, because…

For example: millions of people think they no longer believe in God because they want to. But they are not aware that the only reason they reject spirituality, is because the media told them to do so.

The media said: ‘Stop believing in God’ and the masses followed without asking questions.

Historically every single culture everywhere on earth knew there is a spiritual realm, with spiritual beings and a spiritual source we originate from. Not being aware of the higher dimensions is a recent thing which was enforced upon us, to dumb us down and disconnect us from our source, meaning and destiny. 

One of the main strategies was to tell humanity ‘Science proves’ that we are nothing but dressed up monkeys, who came about by blind chance. 

The vast majority swallowed it without thinking, without research, without asking questions. 

‘Yes, highly esteemed TV, we are upgraded apes! We blindly believe you!’

Mass manipulation has robbed everything that is truth, everything that is valuable, everything that makes us strong and healthy, and enslaved us to media, which we consider to be the only true source of truth.

When it’s on TV, it’s true.

This is how mankind was made to believe the most insane lies, which were accepted blindly… ‘because the TV says it.’

A future of freedom!

Luckily evil and deception is not all there is. I am absolutely not religious –  in fact religious people often hate me for being too real – but… I do know I didn’t come about by chance. I know that besides the universal powers of evil, there is also a source of all that is good. 

Love, goodness, honesty, humility, mercy… didn’t just fall from the sky by mere coincidence. Just like evil can be inspired, goodness can be inspired. 

Did you know the word ‘INSPIRATION’ literally means ‘FROM A SPIRIT’? 

All over the world I see the power of love, goodness, truth and freedom break through like never before. There truly is a ‘GREAT AWAKENING’ happening. 

Evil is being exposed in an unprecedented way… 

The media will become a channel of truth instead of an instrument of mass deception.Everything the wicked meant to destroy humanity will be used against them and will be their downfall.

A whole new level of freedom we have not yet known.

The future is bright. There is hope. We will overcome this attack of evil.

Again: I am not religious, but I do know there is a God of love and truth, who is calling me to set up to awaken humanity and set the people free.

Let’s all be part of this Great Awakening by sharing the truth everywhere we can.

David Sorensen is an author, speaker and freedom fighter who has been working for a better world for over twenty years. He believes God has a plan for mankind that goes far beyond our wildest dreams. David is averse to any religion, but has experienced God as the most powerful and loving REALITY there is. His websites are and

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Mick Jabber

True. But the mind control techniques weren’t invented by Germans. They were invented by people like Sigmund Freud,his nephew Edward Bernays,Herbert Marcuse,Wilhelm Reich, in other words,jewish people.

Provably. Factually. And most importantly,there’s an actual academic record of it. The way Nazis “manipulated people’s minds” was by telling them the truth when the jewish thought leaders of Weimar Germany were telling them lies like “A man can turn into a woman by mutilating his genitalia and wearing a dress (Magnus Hirschfeld,jewish father of transexualism), “communism is awesome” (jewish newspaper owners in Germany), “everyone wants to have sex with members of their family” (Sigmund Freud,jewish inventor of psychoanalysis), etc.


Let’s take the first sentence: “The best experts of Nazi Germany in the field of ‘mind control’ were brought to America.”


Exactly WHICH mind control experts is this OPINION claiming were brought to America?

And why would anyone think a Rugged Individualist / Patriot would be so weak minded that they fall for simple mind control tricks?

Are y’all THAY weak minded? Your gonna fall for the old Jedi Mind Trick? Cuz a REAL Rugged Individualist can see BS when its served up. If you can’t see the BS this rag serves up you should just go back to watching CNN all day.