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SixMillionCoins-276x300By Debra Tash

June 18, 2013

“We discovered as an institution over 3,000 Holocaust survivors living below the poverty line in Southern California,” Leonard Lawrence, general manager of the Mount Sinai Memorial Parks, said at a recent meeting of the Simi Valley City Council.

For many years the Mount Sinai Memorial Parks have observed Yom HaShoah, the day of remembrance for the six million Jews who were killed in the Holocaust. Lawrence, who has studied articles from the Los Angeles Jewish Federation, spoke on the poor conditions for 3,000 Holocaust survivors living in poverty in Southern California.

Lawrence launched in April the Six Million Coins year-long project.  The project’s three goals are to: raise funds to support five charities supplying services to seniors, help educate people on genocide; and to read aloud all the names of those killed in the Holocaust.

One additional charity will benefit from the effort, Righteous Rescuers, which supports over 750 people worldwide who are also living in poverty and whose actions helped Jews escape extermination.

“Fund raising is important but more important is the reading of all the names,” Lawrence said.  “This is something that has never been done.”

The most complete registry of those killed by the Nazis was compiled in Israel.  Over 4 million are listed.  Nearly one and half million of those who died were children.  Their names were never recorded.

In an effort to remember the victims 10 names are being read out loud at various venues around the region. An 11th name is always added at the end to honor the children as “Unknown but remembered.”

Lawrence hopes to develop the project’s website which can be found at: as not only a way to donate, but as an avenue for education.  Links to information about the Holocaust will be available for teachers who are writing their own curriculum suitable for diverse students’ age groups. The website will also have information on venues where names are being read and on how to setup a venue.  Jews and non-Jews are participating.

Leonard Lawrence is available to speak to any local group and can be contacted at the following email: [email protected] or by  calling (800) 600-0076.

Debra Tash is a Citizens Journalist living in Somis, past president for Citizens Alliance for Property Rights, business executive and award-winning author



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