Skeptics vs Climate Change Alarmist Debate

At the IMPROV in Hollywood!

By Michael Greer
Dr. Willie Soon is a astrophysics researcher at the Solar and Stellar Physics Division of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. He loves what he does.  When he talks about his work his face lights up and he gets very animated.  Willie is also a brave man.  He accepted an invitation to debate UCLA Institute of the Environment Adjunct Assistant Professor Jon Christensen at the Hollywood IMPROV.  
Mr. Christensen is an historian and journalist, in fact “journalist-in-residence at the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability” (aka Agenda 21).  He does not have a PhD and he is not a scientist.  
Willie Soon received his Bachelor of Science degree from USC as well as his Masters followed by his PhD in Aerospace Engineering (with distinction).  As well as his research for Harvard-Smithsonian, he has also been an astronomer at the Mount Wilson Observatory.  He was chief science advisor for the Science and Public Policy Institute.  Doctors for Disaster Preparedness awarded Dr. Soon the “Petr Beckmann Award” for outstanding contributions to the defense of scientific truth.  He also received the “Courage In Defense of Science Award” by the George C. Marshall Institute.  Dr. Soon has had his character assassinated, his motives questioned, his life investigated because he questions the claims made by Climate Alarmists. Not many of us would have the courage to continue to speak after being so publically attacked for our beliefs. 
We friends of Willie’s invited like-minded friends to the event to support Willie and make sure he wasn’t shouted down by Climate Change activists.  Environmental scientist Dr. Jim Enstrom brought a group of UCLA students…..who are also courageous.  They are members of the Bruin Republicans at an extremely liberal campus.  We arranged to have dinner before the event to give everyone a chance to speak to Dr. Soon.  
I met Willie and Debbie Bacigalupi at Fred Segal’s for drinks first.  We were laughing and talking mostly about the fraud (GASP) of Climate Change.  As we were getting ready to leave two ladies asked Debbie if she really didn’t believe man was causing global warming. They asked her if she had seen Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth”.  Debbie said she’s met Al Gore and he isn’t a scientist.  She said we happen to have an astrophysicist, expert on the Sun and it’s effects on the earth and they weren’t the least bit interested in speaking to him.  What a remarkable example of Alarmists disinterest in the truth that disagrees with their religious belief that man is destroying the earth. 
We met the others at the IMPROV for dinner.  The students were very interested in talking with Willie and he happily obliged them.  
The event was in the IMPROV’s smaller venue.  Along with our group there appeared  to be a group of Libertarians as well as a group of  true Climate Change believers.  Toby Muresianu hosted the show along with Lou Perez.  Toby was clearly a Climate Change believer and his routine reflected that.  Lou Perez was sort of on the fence. His routine mostly jabbed at Skeptics but his questions later showed he has some rational questions about the claims.  Lori Weiss was next. Her introduction said she has written for Joan Rivers. Joan was a Conservative, so I’m guessing if Lori wrote for her it wasn’t about politics.  They also said she worked for the EPA. They didn’t say what she did for the EPA but I’m guessing she was clerical as she had no understanding of science. Her routine seemed personal and hostile toward Skeptics. She believes Skeptics don’t care if the world is destroyed because they’re selfish and unwilling to sacrifice for the good of the collective. 
The last comedian was Bryan Dey. He was refreshing. His routine was about his upcoming wedding and not about Climate Change…..and he was funny.   
Willie began by expressing his gratitude to the Improv of organizing this debate, which was his first with an advocate of man-made Climate Change since 2012.  Also, since this was a comedy club, Willie recommended that everyone watch George Carlin’s routine on Global Warming.

Willie said CO2 was the “gas of life”. He said it had many, many benefits and a few potential negatives. He said those negatives deserve discussion but it is a mistake to demonize CO2. It is greening the planet.  Willie blew on his hand and said, “This is CO2”.  He said people are being made to be afraid of the sea rising maybe 4 inches in 100 years. He said this is a discussion worth having. But he said he looks at the data and the data doesn’t support CO2 having a dangerous effect. 
Jon Christensen began a long, painfully slow dissertation on every Climate Alarmist talking point we’ve heard. He is a tall, lanky, greying blond with a receding hairline. He dressed all in black.  His attempt at being funny was saying he liked to say California was “Sunny with a chance of apocalypse”.  He praised Governor Brown for forcing us to make lifestyle changes based on Climate Change Alarmism.  He said we’ve cut water usage and are making strides in making renewables (wind and solar) the only source of energy in the near future (as if that is a good thing). What the Alarmists neglect to mention is that wind and solar can’t replace fossil fuels 100% and if we eliminate the use of fossil fuels there WILL be energy rationing and energy prices will be unaffordable. 
Bryan Dey reminded Mr. Christensen that cheap, abundant energy has bought wealth to this and other countries and that countries without cheap, abundant energy are poor, have lower life expectancy and more disease.  Mr. Christensen said that that may be true but renewables can be subsidized to make them affordable for the poor. (I want to ask where he thinks the money to subsidize energy comes from). 
Lori Weiss chimed in and said the “consensus” is that we are causing Climate Change. This is such a good example of a lie repeated over and over being believed. The 97% consensus has been debunked by several studies, including one by Willie Soon, but Alarmists don’t care and continue to repeat it as if it’s fact. Bryan Dey countered her by saying “follow the money”.  He said many scientists are funded to support that man is influencing warming. He said if they say nothing is happening they won’t be funded to continue their studies. 
Christensen made the claim that there are Alarmists at one end, Deniers (I prefer Skeptics) at the other end but about 74% in the middle think man is doing something causing change (I don’t believe that number. Most studies show the majority of us aren’t worried about Climate Change). Christensen would lean over his crossed legs as if he were having a private conversation with you and speak WAY too slowly.  I kept wanting him to move it along. 
Lori Weiss made an argument I’ve heard many times from Alarmists.  That even if man isn’t causing warming shouldn’t we prepare just in case?  What?  By regressing to before the Industrial Revolution for something on as shaky ground as Anthropogenic Global Warming? No, thank you. So far, I’m not aware global warming has killed anyone, but the lack of air-conditioning certainly has. 
In response to a question from the audience about why we need to lower temperature, Willie said he asked Al Gore that question, face to face. He said to Gore,  OK, say we reorder our lives and reduce temperature less than a degree, what are we going to get out of it? What is that going to do? And what is the temperature supposed to be? Gore can’t answer that. How is life going to be better without air-conditioning, cars, private property?  
Someone asked about the temperature of the oceans increasing.  Willie said, they did a study of the ocean temperature. They took the temperature deep in the ocean, then in the middle and then the surface.  The middle temperature is warmer than the surface.  The middle can’t be warmed by CO2.  We don’t know why it is warmer below the surface and that is worth investigating but it isn’t being caused by CO2.  Once again, Willie said he looks at the data and the data doesn’t prove man is the cause.  
Based on the questions asked and the applause for Soon versus Christensen, I believe there were more Climate Change Skeptics in the audience than there were Alarmists.  This was amazing given that Hollywood is Ground Zero for Climate Change Alarmism.   
After the show we took pictures outside and talked to some of the audience members. Bryan Dey congratulated Willie for participating.  We thanked him for his rational view. The UCLA students want to do something similar with Willie at UCLA.  I hope they can pull it off.  
Thank you, Willie, for being willing to jump into the fray.  

Michael Greer

 Michael Greer retired from the film/television industry and is the co-organizer of the Santa Monica Tea Party and the Los Angeles Tea Party, on the board of directors of the Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights and was a member of the Republican Central Committee for the 41st Assembly District.  She is also president of American Freedom Alliance.  Her website is:

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William Hicks

A basic issue of rain, and how it falls, is that there is a bit of soil/dirt in every drop of rain. What happens if we make the air too clean? Will it cause drought like we have witnessed in recent years in California?

Could it be that attempts to reduce pollutants, if you must call them that, causes more harm than allowing some of them in our atmosphere?