Slime Ball attorney’s dictating public policy  



By Richard Eber, California Political News and Views  

In the help wanted section of the Mafia Handbook, the position of enforcer is a job that always needs to be filled.  Individuals who perform this task physically shakedown clients who owe gambling debts, are late in paying for protection, or who are reluctant to follow instructions from the gang’s leader.

One would think the last place one would find such a thug is in the halls of state government in California.  Their version of sending out goons does not involve physical violence or threats to people’s families.  Instead the “enforcers” of the legislature threaten law suits and legal repercussions to cities and municipalities who don’t toe the line.

These ambulance chaser groups are currently writing letters to cities telling them that they need to switch from at large to district elections or face litigation. These proceedings, are not only prove expensive to fight but also can result in judgments of over a million dollars depending on the population of those being sued.

One of the most successful attorney’s who practice this type of law is Kevin Shenkman of the Malibu firm of Shenkman & Hughes. They use the California Voters Rights Act as a battering ram to make cities enact District Elections that are supposed to propel racial minorities into elective office. Shenkman assumes that is that virtually everyone is racist and that district elections will fix this by making sure those of minority color or ethnic origins will be better represented in local government.

While this premise seems noble, it totally goes against our Constitution that guarantees the rights of our citizens regardless of their color or nationality, to be equal partners in the democratic process.  What Shenkman and his progressive social engineering partners end up doing is creating more racial tension where people’s beliefs play second fiddle to their ethnic backgrounds.

Whatever they are doing to allegedly even the playing field is not enough.  Recently I received an email from a Democratic group where I live in Concord urging me to send them money for fighting GOP gerrymandering in my area.  I replied them back saying with with one exception “How can there be concern with unfair gerrymandering if not one Republican has been elected to a state, federal, or county office around here in over a decade?

It is horrendous that local government must choose between Shenkman’s legal extortion schemes versus their sworn oaths to uphold our democratic system.  It is doubtful that the framers of our Constitution had such pretzel logic in mind when they put forth the Bill of Rights to protect citizens from oppression at the hands of government authority.

Shenkman, without doing any effective research or putting forth much thought, feels imposing his will on others is his right alone. Even worse he brags about never losing a case and how he has extracted millions of dollars in settlement fees from municipalities who have fought him in court.

So what separates this attorney from a couple of mafia thugs trying to shake down a business owner in a protection racket?  The answer is simple.  One guy carriers a crow bar, the other holds up a briefcase to bully those who dare defy them.

Unfortunately Shenkman, who also ply’s his trade demanding district elections in school districts, has a whole new area of work to use with his skills of persuasion.  In the recent legislative session, the State has passed a new set of laws led by SB35 which take planning decisions on building residential housing away from local communities; and turns this task over to the State.

This allows “Big Brother” in Sacramento to determine what is to be constructed, how the permit process is to be handled, and what densities are to be reached in order to create needed affordable housing.  Undoubtedly Shenkman and his colleagues will be right behind trying to stifle local decision making on planning matters through court actions.

Nowhere in this thinking process was it ever considered overregulation is the problem in the first place.  As such the best way to fix the housing shortage might be for the State Government to step aside with their Bureaucratic-Progressive regulations and allow the marketplace determine what is to be built.

Such a “Back to the Future” model of utilizing basic American Capitalism to spur growth currently occupies the “no fly zone” in California. The left wing power brokers who run this State will not be satisfied until they tax us all to death, kill jobs, and create their socialistic utopia.  Unfortunately, there is little resistance to this trend of government overreach.  We continue to elect people like Gavin Newsom, Michael Chiang, Kamala Harris, and Kevin De Leon; all of whom have no faith in the people to make their own decisions.

As has been said many times before, the checks and balances that the Republican Party is supposed to bring is Missing in Action (MIA) where we reside.  This allows creeps like Kevin Shenkman to shakedown local governments and manipulate the system with phony lawsuits.  The rest of us pay higher taxes and insurance rates to fund these non productive legal proceedings including numerous meritless American with Disability Act proceedings.

It is ironic in a State that that thumbs its nose at immigration laws and freely lights up weed in one breath (toke), insists that we all follow State laws pertaining to an arbitrary process of electing City Council members with district elections.  The fact of the matter is that government nor the courts should have authority to undermine the will of the people.

In the same way if voters in cities determine that they actually want district elections, they should be free to make that decision without interference from outsiders.  What this means is democracy rules in the USA.  Cutting in line should not to be encouraged or tolerated.

Between the State Government trying to make decisions at every level and their inability to properly deal with the ever increasing  one trillion public employee pension plan deficit, the current tax and spend policies that have been going on for years, are soon to drive us all off the fiscal cliff.

Unfortunately, individuals such as Kevin Shenkman won’t care as they will have millions socked away to afford any flavor of latte that their favorite barista in Malibu might stir up.

Richard Eber studied journalism at the University of Oregon. He writes about politics, culture, education restaurants, and was former city and sports editor of UCSB Daily. Richard is president of Amerasa Rapid Transit, a specialized freight forwarder.

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